4 thoughts on “Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive

  1. One of my favorite songs. Thanks Hal. Just finished burying the last of my dogs 20 minutes ago and mortality is ever present at the moment. It should always be though. Ain’t no such thing as free time. Only lifetime.

    1. Indeed, brother. There is only lifetime. We take away this time from one thing, to give to another.
      Sad to hear about your dog, Martist.
      Little Bear’s mother, and grand mother are buried side by side in the back corner of the lot.
      The first time I’ve heard the chune. Thought it was worth sharing.
      You are welcome.

      1. Thanks, Hal. He’s with his brother and sister. 3 shar-pei rescues being peis in a pod together again Jebediah Stuart, Peinut, and Max.

      2. Patch, or Jackson Helmet Patch ‘ the liver lipped, badger head super sized Jack Russell’ was a rescue as well. He is Pit, and Jack Russell. I took him from across the street were I was working back about 4 years ago during my self employment foolery. lol.
        He was starving, chained way in the back of the yard dirty as hell with no food or water.
        Went over there and told the drunks that I was taking him, and I did. They did nothing. Found out later one of them is a pedophile.
        Here is a vid of Patch so that it may put a smile on you. 🙂 Fight Hard, Brother!

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