Flooding and Mudslides in Brazil

Refrigerated fish trucks are being used to store unidentified bodies in Brazil after floods and mudslides that are being described as the worst natural disaster in that nation’s history.  It is reported that the morgues are overwhelmed and in many areas the people have resorted to burying their own dead, while many are in fear that relatives remain buried in the mud resulting from the catastrophe.

Save the Children is reporting that up to half of the victims are children.

Brazil’s new President Dilma Rousseff has visited some of the hardest hit areas and has promised aid, though it has been slow in materializing.  The slow response by the government is perpetuating anger among the survivors.  The federal government has earmarked 780 million reais in emergency aid and donations are starting to pour in from around the country.

Many rescuers are being forced to dig through mud and rubble with their bare hands in an attempt to recover the bodies of the victims as access to the area for heavy equipment is unrealistic.

Catastrophic flooding in Brazil and Australia, record low temperatures across the United States and in Europe; so what in the wide world of theories is going on here?  Global warming?  This is what mainstream propaganda scientists would have us believe.  Let us examine the hypothesis.  Global warming, I think would indicate elevated temperatures, hence a dryer climate.  What do we have in reality?  Record rainfalls, record snowfalls, and record low temperatures.

Global warming; I don’t think that word means what they think it means.  I have no degrees in science, but as the current hypothesis seems unrealistic, here is a thought.  There is a massive eruption from a volcano in Iceland.  Admittedly, ash clouds encircled the planet, blocking the sun causing cooling, with increased ice and snow.  The ash finally dissipates and falls to the ground.  The sun shines; the ice, snow, and water evaporate into the atmosphere, resulting in torrential rains and record snowfalls for several years until the earth finally brings itself back into balance.  A temporary global cooling trend brought on by the eruption of a volcano?

God bless the people of Brazil.

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