Florida Cop Caught On Camera RUNNING AWAY From A MOUSE!!

Published on Apr 3, 2017 by Hezakya Newz & Music

The video begins with the officer walking along a corridor in the station, believed to be in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.

He is filmed looking into a door off the corridor. He then begins walking towards the camera up the hall.

At this point, a mouse runs around the corner towards the officer. The cop jumps out the way in a fright, allowing the animal past.

The officer then begins running away from the mouse down the hall towards the camera.

When he gets to the corner, he turns back and peers back, looking for the mouse. “A random hallway meeting is startling, and hilarious,” the video poster said.

One viewer said: “When the officer was assigned to investigate a rat in the police department, he didn’t know it was a real rat.”

Another said: “There’s no chance he will ever live this down at the police station.”

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