Florida Cop Tries To Arrest Suspect, Crowd Attacks Him

policeThe Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

In Melbourne, Florida, a 22-year-old by the name Phoenix Low was caught with an open alcohol container late Saturday night. As he was approached by a police officer and informed that he was breaking the law, Phoenix apparently became combative and ignored the officer’s instructions. As the officer tried to arrest Phoenix, he remained defiant and continued to ignore his commands. According to Melbourne Police, he pushed the officer and tried to run, but was quickly wrestled to the ground.  

And that’s when a crowd of people began to surround the police officer, and assaulted him. He was berated and beaten by the mob as he attempted to subdue Phoenix. While the details aren’t yet clear, the officer used “less-than-lethal” force on the crowd to keep them away, but it was too late. Low managed to escape in the confusion.

He was later apprehended, but so far there is no word on whether or not any members of the crowd were arrested. Low is being charged with resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, and having an open container of alcohol. Police claim this is the second incident this month, where a crowd has attempted to interfere with an arrest.

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16 thoughts on “Florida Cop Tries To Arrest Suspect, Crowd Attacks Him

  1. An open container,yes that’s all it takes to be a criminal in a police state. Why don’t that cops go after bankers,corrupt politicians,corrupt corporations,etc that are the real criminals or the judges that cover for them? LEO’s are there to protect the real criminals and people are getting sick and tired of it. This will never end peacefully and more and more people realize this. Why do you think they have assembles a police state right before your eyes?

  2. Well, I was staring so long at the Russian blonde hottie in the left hand column ad that I lost my train of thought…….oh yeah. I remember now.
    Pig still breathing=FAIL.
    If I was younger and in better shape……dammit.

  3. This is awesome news. That kind of reaction from an anonymous crowd means we have the popular support that a successful revolution needs, especially since it’s not an isolated incident.

    “Police claim this is the second incident this month, where a crowd has attempted to interfere with an arrest.”

    When things get rolling, these people will be either joining, or supporting the fight, and it’s probably a decent representation of the U.S. population in general.

  4. “While the details aren’t yet clear, the officer used “less-than-lethal” force on the crowd to keep them away, but it was too late.”

    wow… he didn’t shoot anyone. No matter. This kind of reaction is going to escalate soon.

    I predict some pig fatalities in the near future.

    1. “I predict some pig fatalities in the near future”
      Your prediction is correct #1, and it may come to fruition sooner than later.

        1. I predict some People are going to try this with the wrong pig and that pig will pull his sidearm and start spraying bullets indescriminately. The news will blame the People for interfering with an orificer, bring on the ineffectual protests and it’s just business as usual.
          Unless, one of those People are armed and actually defend themselves.

  5. There are too many laws on the books. It’s estimated that every person commits at least 2 felonies a day and doesn’t even realize it.

    Ain’t that some bullshit!! It’s about time We the People stop all the senseless laws that we suffer for. Rule of Law has become Rules and Laws.

    We the People out number the law makers and enforcers many times over.

    They should fear us, not the other way around..

  6. This is good news.

    The only way to take back the country, is to take back the country. Enough being an occupied vassal state of the usurious ‘jew’ banking mafia and their
    ‘enforcers’. The perpetual theft, and maniacal control. For what?
    One is only here on this planet for a mere breath…this planet should be a vacation paradise…not an over-priced, death ridden ‘jewish’ theme park from hell.

    Stand your ground. Strike the right root.



  8. Wow! This story brightened up my day. Hope to see more of them in the future. Absolutely love it when pigs get attacked by people.

    Like Cracker said, this guy was just drinking some alcohol and wasn’t bothering anybody. Why don’t the cops go after the corrupt bankers and the real criminals? Because that would be going against the people they are paid to protect. 😉

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