Florida Deputies Gun Man Down as His Son Tries to Explain that He’s Deaf

MillerFree Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Daytona Beach, FL — A 52-year-old father and husband of 30 years, was shot and killed by a Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy Saturday afternoon.

Edward Miller and his son Edward Jr. went to Fryer’s towing Friday to settle a dispute about a a towed vehicle and according to the police report,   

Darice Podgorski-Beneddix, 44, an employee at Fryer’s, reported to Daytona police officers that the elder Miller “was being rude and yelling at her.”

The elder Miller said he “may have been yelling due to him being hard of hearing however in no way was he trying to be rude.”

Employee Erik Stewart, 51, told Podgorski-Beneddix that the younger Miller “had a gun holstered on his right side hip.”

Podgorski-Beneddix then called for police assistance “out of fear for their safety,” according to the report.

Officers determined the younger Miller had an up-to-date concealed weapons license to carry the gun, and it was returned to him.

The report goes on to state that the Millers were told that if they come back with the “correct amount of money,” their vehicle would be returned to them.

When the father and son returned Saturday with the correct amount of money to claim their vehicle, the dispute resumed. Two deputies happened to be near the scene on an unrelated matter.

Police say deputy Joel Hernandez and another unnamed deputy, heard yelling coming from the front of Fryer’s and walked around the building to investigate.

What happened next isn’t exactly clear as the family of deceased Edward P. Miller, were instructed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement not to release any information about the incident.

“Yesterday they hid me from the cameras,” Edward Miller said. “They didn’t want any information about what happened out.”

Gary Davidson, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department said, “While the specific sequence of events isn’t being released at this time due to the ongoing investigation, during the encounter, Hernandez perceived a threat and fired his duty weapon, striking and killing the man.”

Miller’s son tried to explain to deputies that his father was deaf. “I kept telling them that he can’t hear them,” said Miller. “I kept telling them he can’t understand them.”

According to WESH TV, witnesses said that Miller was shot while sitting inside an SUV, and that the windows were rolled up when the deputy opened fire.

Six shots were fired, hitting him in the head, neck and body.

This is the second fatal shooting involving Hernandez in less than two years. In January of 2013, a suicidal man armed with a handgun moved toward Hernandez when he feared for his life and shot and killed the man. Hernandez was cleared of any wrong doing.

“I’m the only one who knows what happened. I was right there. I saw the whole thing,” said the grieving Edward Miller. However, there happened to be at least 6 security cameras within view from the location of the shooting. If Hernandez’s life was really in danger, the video should prove it.

We will keep you up to date on any new information we receive as we receive it.

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11 thoughts on “Florida Deputies Gun Man Down as His Son Tries to Explain that He’s Deaf

  1. Seems like officers have the right to kill citizens in this country. How many people have been killed by law enforcement? That question can not be answered because the government does not track it. They do track how many officers are killed in the line of duty. Just because some one does not comply does not give the officer a right to kill. Think about this when someone is killed officers look for the person who did it with a hand full of cops when a cop is killed hundreds of officers and off duty law enforcement is looking for the person, is a cops life more valuable than the average citizens, I can not hit my teen age son it is considered abuse, but the cops can hit kick choke taze and shoot him if he does not comply with them why is that?

    1. too much common sense, likely to make most people dizzy trying to reconcile it with their belief system. truth is it’s way out of control.

  2. Cops are ANIMALS – most should be shot. The reason this happens is because WE (Citizens) allow it to happen. When people see abuse – TRUE ABUSE – by a Cop on a Citizen – instead of pulling out the f#@king Smart Phone and filming it to post on YouTube, FaceBook or other “Social Media” site – the people should put the phone away and RUSH the COP and pull the F#@KER off the Citizen. They only way to defeat a BULLY is to STAND UP TO HIM! We think that the Government is gonna step in – or the Police Dept. is gonna hold one of these ANIMALS accountable? Look – they are OUT OF CONTROL and WE NEED TO PROTECT ourselves!! We have the right to self defense and to be SHOT and KILLER for not complying is just NUTS – this nation is going DOWN HILL FAST – we better correct this soon – or it will be too late!

    1. “The reason this happens is because WE (Citizens) allow it to happen.”

      If you consider yourself a (Citizen), then you’re part of the problem. Citizens are (so-called) ‘government’ slaves, subject to their laws (illegal as they may be).

      Most of us who post here are nationals.

      Or patriots, if you prefer.

      I think they’re one and the same.

  3. “Podgorski-Beneddix then called for police assistance “out of fear for their safety,” according to the report.”

    No one should EVER call the police…for any reason whatsoever. NEVER!

        1. Why? Is the sniper guy going to get him?

          Oh, wait. They got his AK 47, didn’t they. The one they said was a .308 at first.

          Another bad production. Sure not improving any, are they.

  4. “…Hernandez perceived a threat and fired his duty weapon, striking and killing the man.”

    Ah, yes. The infamous ‘perceived threat’.

    Funny how it’s always a NAMELESS threat.

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