Florida Governor Has Sheriff Arrested, Removed From Office for Allowing Concealed Carry

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Well this is certainly an interesting case. Apparently Florida Governor Rick Scott has named a new interim sheriff for Liberty County, FL after the current sheriff was arrested for releasing a man who was arrested for carrying a concealed handgun without a license.

The following press release was put out by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on June 4,  

Tallahassee – Inspectors with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Office of Executive Investigations obtained a warrant for the arrest of Nicholas Lee Finch, 50, of Bristol, Fla., earlier today on one count of official misconduct, a violation of section 838.022, Florida Statutes.

Investigators allege that Finch destroyed or removed official arrest documents from the Liberty County Jail, making it appear as though an arrest never occurred. The investigation revealed that a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested a Liberty County resident on March 8, 2013 for carrying a concealed firearm, a third degree felony. Shortly after the suspect was booked into the Liberty County Jail, Finch allegedly released the suspect and altered or destroyed documents associated with his arrest.

Finch was arrested just after 5 p.m. today and was booked into the Liberty County Jail. He was released on his own recognizance. Finch was elected Liberty County Sheriff in 2012.

The State Attorney’s Office, 2nd Judicial Circuit will prosecute this case.

According to WCTV, the sheriff was just trying to uphold the Second Amendment rights of his constituents,

Sheriff Nick Finch has declined to comment on his arrest. His attorney, Jimmy Judkins, released the following statement:

“The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second ammendment and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s perogative whether to charge someone or not.”

We’ll have to wait to see how this one plays out. If the sheriff truly was trying to look out for interests of his constituents then we have an issue. If he got caught trying to get a friend off a gun charge then that’s another thing entirely. I guess we’ll have to wait for more details.


135 thoughts on “Florida Governor Has Sheriff Arrested, Removed From Office for Allowing Concealed Carry

  1. Does a governor even have the legal authority to remove a sheriff from office?

    Sheriffs are elected by the people, not appointed by governors.

      1. He must be able to under some law somewhere. I didn’t see the Sheriffs’ lawyer address that or question it. sometimes lawyers overlook the obvious. Maybe someone in Florida who knows how to do legal research could look into it. If noone volunteers, I’ll do it after my Hawks game is over.

          1. Florida statute section 30.09(5) subjects sheriffs to removal from office by the governor

          2. This may be so in the unlawful corporate administrative admiralty, but an elected by the people sheriff, sworn in to the common law, can only be removed by the people through a recall and the people can also remove that governor the same way.
            This is the unlawful corporate occupation that we the people have neglected to arrest and prosecute for blatant violations of the supreme superior absolute ratified law contained in the Bill of Rights, which is the common law.
            You guys need to learn a whole lot more as this is pretty well common knowledge here in the Trenches.

        1. Another thing to do is find a local article posted and in the comments section encourage the locals to turn activist over this and support their 2nd amendment Sheriff.

          1. That’s a great idea Smilardog. Maybe a Letters to the Editor campaign? How about contacting reporters or the editor himself? Maybe one of them is a 2nd Amd. supporter? Maybe…I dunno…pass the hat and take out advertising space in the local paper expressing support for the Sheriff?

        2. It’s not a matter that requires any deep legal research. The governor is treasonous presiding over a state with statutes that defy The Constitution. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution makes The Constitution The Supreme Law of the Land in the USA. State Governments have no right to defy the Constitutional Rights of US Citizens. The Feds should actually arrest the Florida governor but the Fed Gov is now as pathetically corrupt. The Declaration of Independence states valid government MUST comply to the will of The People. “…governments derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the GOVERNED.” The Constitution starts out WE THE PEOPLE… This Governor, breaking his oath to uphold The Constitution, arresting a Sheriff for upholding The Constitution, OBVIOUSLY the Governor is TREASONOUS and the Sheriff is LAW ABIDING.

    1. A governor gives orders to his underlings just like a sheriff does. If the underlings follow those orders than they have the “legal authority”.
      Laws are whatever the people in power say they are . . . . that they can get their underlings to enforce.

    2. The correct answer is NO, the Governor has NO AUTHORITY to remove a Sheriff. According to the law that was cited above:
      Sec. 87.018. TRIAL. (a) Officers may be removed only following a trial by jury.
      The People are who might remove a Sheriff if they’re not happy with his service and he has broken laws. It begins with a petition and results in his trial. And he’s not removed until AFTER he’s CONVICTED. The Governor should be removed.

      1. This is another part of the law that the Governor has VIOLATED by appointing a new Sheriff. The district judge who presides over the trial is supposed to appoint a replacement until an election can be organized.

        Sec. 87.017. SUSPENSION PENDING TRIAL; TEMPORARY APPOINTEE. (a) After the issuance of the order requiring citation of the officer, the district judge may temporarily suspend the officer and may appoint another person to perform the duties of the office.

        Mind you, this is only supposed to occur AFTER a proper petition has been submitted to a district court. The Governor didn’t file a petition with a district court and the judge ordered the removal. No. Instead the Governor took it upon himself to violate Florida law, that he certified his position as a bold outlaw, party to the criminal syndicate that’s practicing treason and usurping our government and defecating on The Constitution and laws generally.

    1. That might work if you could actually speak with the governor, however you will get one of the hundred of staffer and your call will go nowhere. This is why the actual elected individual never anwers the phone, caue then they can claim they did not know anything about your call or request for information. A real cute setup to protect the behinds, dont you think?

  2. This is probably just the beginning of an attack on all constitutionally-minded sheriffs, and you can bet the new “interim sheriff” is a gun-grabbing commie who will hold that office forever through fraudulent elections.

  3. My hats off to that Sheriff.Either we have a second Amendment or we don’t.The CCP is something that I don’t see in it at all and was added to carrying a gun later. There is no mention of the man being a felon and on that note it sure doesn’t take much to be a felon in Florida or any where else for that matter.We need more Sheriffs that are willing to stand up for the Constitution and all of the amendments to it. I am a gun owner and not a felon either,I am also a veteran and swore to uphold the Constitution also.

    1. I’d like to know who “snitched” and called in the Dept Office of Executive Investigations.?
      In Florida? It wouldn’t be too hard to find out!
      Just a check up on religious affiliation would do.

  4. I wonder if this piece of s..t governor arrests Sheriffs that realease illegal aliens, thieves, or rapists.

  5. I’ve called both the Sheriffs office and the governors’ office.. Sheriffs like this man should know they are not alone. We need to stand up and let our voices be heard in support of good men like him. And that we are watching the evil done and taking names. I’m going to send emails too. Maybe Angel can get a petition started?

    1. Hey Scott, are you down here in Fl. too?
      I just read this and am pis$ed as hel!! I’m going to make the same calls you have (and a few more reps around here) and get ahold of some other people (And make them aware if they’re not) to see what the frick Rick Scott is doing sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. This sheriff was elected by His community! I’m going to go make some new friends (<Maybe not, but will freakin' let'em know we Are Freakin' Awake and Aware down here!) hehe!

      1. No Hawk. I’m in northern Illinois. But wrong is wrong and I will do what I can to see that bullshit won’t fly no matter where it takes off from. You Florida boys and girls need to raise holy hell over this. This man needs our support. If he gets it…it will encourage other Sheriffs. They will know we are with them. Maybe it’s time for me to dust off my old Rebel battle flag and put it above my Gadsden flag.

        1. Hey Scott, Thanks for making the calls you have! I’d leave the Gadsden Flag up 1st, those f’ers that stole it need a reminder!
          I’ll be making person to person calls starting bright and early, I’ve been around both sides down here in the past (Just something that I fell into each time, (I was given memberships by people to things just cause they thought, so what could I do?) learning experiences hehe!) Newho, will be making calls, emails and contacting some groups online.
          This is what his a turn y stated in the article, I think that’s what you asked for.

          “Sheriff Nick Finch has declined to comment on his arrest. His attorney, Jimmy Judkins, released the following statement:

          “The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second ammendment and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s perogative whether to charge someone or not.”

          Thanks you again!

          1. Can somebody volunteer to email Sheriff Mack? And his organization? Folks, THIS is getting involved and trying to make a difference. It feels kinda good doesn’t it.

          2. You are more than welcome Hawk. If I can do anything, let me know. If we don’t stick together…they will sure as hell stick it to us individually.

          3. And once again, you’re more that welcome Hawk. Man, I’m commenting here, researching stuff AND listening to my Blackhawks. Does that qualify as multi-tasking?

    2. Hi Scott
      Your idea about a Petition/Petitions is a Good one. 🙂 (I’ve only passed along some that I’ve received. Never done one.) We have some very eloquent writers here, in the Trenches. What do you think Admin. & Henry? If we work Together, we can get Several going (along with the calls, emails, and Talking to people). We can look back at the sites that the Petitions I’ve sent came from, then find out how to post it/them.

        1. Yup, that’s one of them. 🙂
          Let’s get serveral Petitions going (from different locations, different phrasing).

          1. If you start it let’s all sign it and send it to every site we go to. Let’s post it on Facebook…if you’re on Facebook…I’m not, but my fiancee is. How about Pinterest? Youtube for you techies? Let’s see if WE can make this viral. Power to the People.

        2. Scott, I wouldn’t recommend posting ANYTHING on Fakebook. It’s nothing more than a CIA data mining operation. It could very well get your fiance’s account shut down.

          1. I agree #1, but, there are are couple of ways to use that tho (And it’s not like they aren’t here or listening via cell) & you can always start another account 🙂

          2. Thanks #1. She knows what it is. She’s awake and aware. Those are two of hundreds of reasons she’s a keeper. Sometimes she amazes me with the stuff she posts on there. They ain’t deleted her yet. And if they do she’d laugh, shrug and say screw ’em. She reads FTTWR and several other sites every morning.

          3. She’s definitely a keeper, then.

            The last one I was hanging out with that was fully awake turned out (I STRONGLY suspect, anyway) to be a plant.

          4. Well #1, I for one, have never dated shrubbery. I um…assume your relationship didn’t bear fruit? 🙂

          5. Sorry. I should have been a little more specific.


            Not that I feel that I rate any special attention from them, I have nothing concrete to support my suspicions, but sometimes all we have are our instincts to go on.

          6. I knew what you meant man. I was just trying to make you smile. I’d be flattered that they thought you warranted your own personal spy. I hope she was cute.

          7. She was, very, and also less than half my age, which should have sent red flags up immediately.

            No harm, no foul.

  6. If I am understanding this correctly the Governor has replaced the County’s Sheriff with a State Employee(?)… Is such doings even constitutionally lawful?
    If so, then whats to stop the President from replacing State’s Governors with Federal Employees? (the checks and balances seem displaced somehow)
    Something is very wrong if i am reading, hearing, and understanding the stories correctly. Under no circumstances should a Governor be allowed to replace an elected county official with a state employee — same as the President cannot replace an elected state official (including Governor) with an employee of the Federal Government.

    1. If you live in Florida James…research it. Call the ACLU…Oathkeepers…do what you can. Even if all you can do is a little…it’s better than doing nothing.

        1. Stroke of genius Smilardog. Genius. I’m kinda looking through Florida statutes for the governors authority to remove a Sheriff. Nothing yet. I posted the law they claim he violated. Anyone else who wants to rummage in the Florida statutes? The more eyes looking the better.

          1. I can’t, I am packing to leave to go to the Hidey-hole for the summer. I just barely got time to comment here on my catch your breath moments in this 112 degree day. The mountains here we come… Yee haaaaw!!!!

          2. I am not in Florida, but it would probably be within the scope of the Governor’s duties to fill a vacancy in the office of Sheriff. My complaint is with the Governor’s act of declaring the vacancy upon accusation of a crime alone–and then–appointing a state employee to fill that vacancy. The Sheriff, having the same right to due process as anyone else, should be considered innocent until proven guilty. He has been released from jail, so where does any vacancy exist absent a jury returning a verdict of guilty?
            Does being accused of committing a crime disqualify you from holding a public office in Florida?
            I don’t have the answers, but to replace the chief of a county office with a state officer, in essence, it converts the county office into a state office—-thus opening the door to state offices becoming federal offices.

          3. I’m not sure James. I posted a link to the legal grounds to remove a Sheriff and the specific law they claim he violated. I have a feeling this is a test case. Kinda like Boston was a dry run to see how martial law would be reacted to. It’s just a guess.

          4. The question is… do I bring my 30 round mags? Hell… Yes!!!!! This is America!!!!

            and, thank you guys for cheering me on, but this is the time of the year I work my arse off getting the place ready for SHTF

  7. Recall the Governor who is against the 2nd amendment
    Recall every treasonous person from every state who voted against the 2nd amendment in the US congress
    and every state congress.
    Cast them all out now.
    A peaceful solution for the people.

    1. Great idea Sheriff. A resident of Florida should begin the movement to recall the governor. Should check Florida law to see if it’s possible and how to initiate the recall. I agree the list of politicians who deserve it is almost endless. But start somewhere. Colorado is doing it. Florida should follow suit.

      1. Yep, that’ll work, just like the recall in Wisconsin with governor Walker. 85% of campaign donations to Walker came from out of state. Koch Brothers ya know. Now the Koch boys want to buy all the newspapers in major markets to manipulate the masses. See the writing on the wall, Grasshopper?

        1. Thanks for your kind words of support and willingness to do something other than just be a voice of helpless doom and gloom Millard. C’mon man, you’re not usually so negative. Is it not better to try than sit and do nothing? 🙂

    2. Hey Sheriff, do you actually believe voting in our country is honestly tallied. There will be no “peaceful solution” to anything. These people are as dishonest and amoral as they come.

      1. He means recall Millard…not voting. In many states if you can gather enough signatures you can remove a politician from office. Like what they’re doing in Colorado. It’s the ultimate check in the check and balance system. That, and jury nullification.

  8. Well Scott, I’m not up on the laws of all 50 states but I’d like you to name one successful removal from office using this venue.

    1. When the Hawks game is over I’ll research it and give you a report in the morning. And if by chance it’s never happened…there’s a first time for everything.

      1. I’m actually interested because I had to live the Walker recall here in Wisconsin and it was nasty. Talk to you in the morning.

    2. Two governors have been recalled from office. North Dakota governor Lynn Fraiser in 1921. And in California, Gray Davis in 2003. It can be done.

      1. 🙂 TY Scott, to say or do nothing when some is being taken advantage of or falsely accused is feeding the evil, imho.

        1. Well said Hawk. And I believe it was Sir Edmund Burke who said something like “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. That’s from memory so it might be a bit off.

          1. Good memory, Scott. 🙂 Paraphrased well.
            “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not sit by and do nothing.”

          2. Drat. Sorry Angel…I wasn’t near as close as I thought I was. I fear Alzheimers had claimed another victim. Well at least my Blackhawks won. And now I bid goodnight to all, I shall have a Guinness to celebate and it’s off to bed.

          3. Hey RT, I’m going to be doing slippery shrimp with my brother Saturday after next.

            Can’t wait. 🙂

          4. LOL It’s the house specialty at Yang Chows down in Chinatown. I made a comment about it in another article a few weeks ago, and RT asked me about it. She actually found the recipe online, (the author even mentioned that she had it at Yang Chows) and RT made some a few days ago. She said it turned out great. It’s the best shrimp I’ve had anywhere. My brother turned me on to it a few years ago, and we go down there occasionally just for that.

            RT sent me the recipe if you’d like it, Angel. 🙂

          5. Happy Birthday #1! Enjoy your slippery shrimp! Thank you for the tip! It was AweSome!

          6. Thanks RT. The last time we went about three months ago, they were closed that day. First time that had ever happened.

            Been jonesing ever since. 🙁

          7. Birthday?!?! Happy Birthday, #1!!! 🙂 🙂
            (old tip I learned for the recipe: use club soda, instead of water) 🙂

          8. LOL Sorry for the confusion, Angel. My birthday was actually May 3rd. RT was referring to the fact that my brother was supposed to take me to Yang Chows for it, but had to cancel because he had to work. 🙂

          9. Yup. Totally missed it. Didn’t have a clue.
            Sorry your day turned out to be a downer. 🙁
            My tip is valid. Give it a try. 🙂

        2. LOL
          I was trying to figure out the reference/subtext. 🙂
          Yang Chow’s recipe is easy (and yummy). Personally, we prefer our Texas/Cajun style. 🙂

        1. All states have differing procedures. What Floridas law is I ain’t checked yet. You asked a question and I answered. It can be done.

          1. Well, I’m not gonna hold my breath. I believe our electoral system has been hijacked since the “Citizen’s United” decision. There are too many willfully ignorant folks out there to cast their meaningless ballots to be thrown in the round bin. It’s all a dog and pony show. It’s all put on to orchestrate the Grand Illusion to give people a sense that they have any say at all.

  9. Millard you do sound extra doomy tonight, sending my best.
    So what do you think is going to happen if you just sit back and do nothing ever?
    Why does Henry, Laura and ALL The Guys do what they do here?!
    We are NOT talking voting here, we are talking about making unjust, Just!
    Life IS No dog and Pony show, some see an illusion, some see truth, and some fight for what is right. Each in our own gifted way, why we are all different, why we have all been blessed with unique skills, talents, and more to help each other together (Insert Creed 🙂 Neway, I’ll keep doing what I do, to the best of my ability, for as long as I can. Busy day today 🙂 My best to all, nite* & TY!

    1. Yes, I do admit I’m “pissed off” at the current affairs of the world. I had a long day today and didn’t intend to allow the sharp tongue. Sometimes I just speak from the heart and, upon reflection, I may have been able to more delicately get the point across. RT, I will put myself “in moderation” until Scott gets back to me in the morning.

      1. You are spot on, Millard. And as for you, Scott, you will cease and desist forthwith or you will not be commenting here.
        F#@k the fraudulent vote. F#@k the fraudulent petitions. And f#@k the letter writing.
        Who do you think you are dealing with here? We are veterans of this revolution and you are not going to come on this site and start trying to put our people into a herd that you will direct. We are individuals and if we feel something needs to be done, we will make that decision as individuals.
        If you want to become a part of a collective in an effort to replace the current batch of corrupt politicians with a new cabal, I would suggest Infowars.
        And by the way, one does not become a sheriff in Florida without trampling and pissing on people’s rights all the way to that office. If this fellow found religion like some “peace officers” have, he would either turn in his badge or go forth and start arresting the corrupt politicians that he is no doubt surrounded by.
        We will support sheriffs who support our Bill of Rights when they get past the talking and get to the doing.

        1. Good morning Mr. Shivley. Hmmm. Where to begin? No votes? Petitions? Letters? What’s the alternative? Dig in and stack magazines? If this becomes a violent confrontation our country will be devastated, perhaps destroyed. Most of the people we know and love will die. They will die of violence, starvation and disease. I for one, wish to avoid that if possible. I would think all of us do. Who do I think I’m dealing with? I think I’m dealing with a group of thoughtful, informed individuals. And from what I’ve read I am more convinced of that than ever. As for veterans of the revolution…I’m well into my fifties and have been active for over thirty years. So I would hope I qualify as a veteran. We are all in this together sir. We do what we can when we can. As Americans and patriots we should do no less. As for attempting to herd and control? And if we as individuals see something that needs to be done we will make that decision as individuals? Sir, I would humbly suggest that is exactly what we were doing. I thought we as individuals were exchanging information and attempting to take action. As for me in control? I didn’t offer to lead nor was I asked to. InfoWars? Seriously? Anyone who believes in collective action should follow AJ? God forbid. As for supporting a Sheriff who supports the Bill of Rights? It seems that’s exactly what Sheriff Finch was doing. And talking of ways to show support for him is what we as individuals were discussing. If you wish to ban me that is your perogative sir.

          1. You claim you are a veteran of the revolution. I say, ‘bullshit’. I am twenty year militia and when I meet someone and a week later they are suggesting what I should do, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I have been approached by many agents and I know the techniques.
            In short, don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining. What we are doing here on From the Trenches is having a profane effect and I have to believe it is the highest priority of our enemy to get us doing anything but stacking magazines.
            If you think these Bolsheviks are just going to leave without a fight, you are a fool and I for one will not waste my valuable time on a corrupt system, trying to work within.
            Everybody on this site knows that petitions are bullshit. (Love ya Angel, but you know it is the truth.) We know that emails and letters are bullshit. We are being oppressed at the barrel of a gun. You cannot vote out a totalitarian military dictatorship.
            And by the way, Mr. Longtime Veteran of the Cause, all a recall petition does is put up an issue for a corrupt vote. Like I said, what we are doing on this site is hurting our enemy as we stockpile weapons and ammunition for the inevitable hot war that those of us with a spine know we have to fight.
            I will not be deterred, as my grandchildren are not going to be indentured slaves to one day piss on my grave and curse me as a coward.
            Bottom line: No one throws out the sugar so fast and far as an FBI agent. Nice try.

          2. Hello again Mr. Shivley. I apologise for not responding sooner. My fiancee asked me to accompany her on a long errand. And when a woman requests your presence, a wise and prudent man complies post haste. That being said, I thank you for moderating and posting my last comment. OK, I see that I am “bullshit” and I stand accused and convicted of being FBI? Really? FBI? WHY? because I want to prevent if possible the destruction of our country and the death of many of the people I hold dear? Did not our Founding Fathers persist in writing letters and petition King George even after the Boston Massacre? No sir, I am not comparing myself to our Founding Fathers. I am merely following their example. They prepared for the worst but hoped for and worked toward the best. That is what I am doing. That is what I have been doing for decades. I have had successes but many more failures. And Because I advocate trying and trying again to restore our Republic through non-violent means I am called “bullshit”. I am insulted. My motives are questioned. I am accused of being FBI. Sir, if you truely knew me you would smile at that accusation. Adam Kokesh is a provacatuer. He advocates violece and illegal actions. Me? I say let’s try and try and try. FBI shills would advocate something they can get you for. Me? Like our Forefathers, I say try to do it peacefully but prepare for the worst. And for this I am attacked and accused? I’m sorry sir. But in my opinion that’s out of line. You and I both stand for liberty. We stand for our Constitution. We stand for our Republic and the fututres of our heirs. I believe we can do it peacefully…you don’t. I hope to God I’m right. However, if I’m not, I will stand with you and if need be die with you defending liberty. But sir, what harm can trying to petition for a redress do? Are we not exercising our 1st Amendment right? If our own Lexington comes then so be it. I, you, we shall fight if we must. But until then…can we not try? And try again? Can we not, as Ghandi did simply choose to not comply? We have options sir. Why insult, demean and accuse a man who wants the same as you…except he wants it done peacefully? I don’t understand sir.

          3. Scott,
            I will try to make it clearer for you. We have tried every peaceful means and not only are we ignored, but more and more every day our people are being brutalized. Time spent petitioning this foreign enemy that has already not only dismissed our words but declared themselves our rulers, would be better spent exposing their every act and preparing for the fight which is obviously inevitable.
            This is the reality and the sooner it is faced, the sooner we are better prepared to fight.
            If you would think that there is not a one of us that would rather have had a peaceful solution, you are mistaken. Try to understand this. Our enemy has already determined that there will be violence or we will be enslaved through our passive neglect to simply defend ourselves. You might as well be trying to convert Jeffrey Dahmer to vegetarianism.
            I will not plead for my rights to the likes of these soviet socialist insurgents. The talking part is over.
            And by the way, Gandhi’s enemies shot him right through the back of his head, just like these Bolshevik bastards intend on shooting us through ours.
            Do you understand now?

          4. Scott,
            The majority of the Petitions that I send to the Trenches are about stories that have not made MSM. I send them to spread word of injustices that have been going on, in every state. Those of us who have been in the trenches (since before this site was created), have learned through our experience trying, that petitions/calls/letters were/are futile. We’ve beaten our heads against those walls to the point of unconsciousness. Once in a very great while, a Petition makes a difference. Those few cases are always a shock. However, I do sign. If its something you want to do, go for it. Just don’t be fooled into thinking it will actually change anything.

          5. Scott, you obviously grossly underestimate the nature of the beast we’re up against here. These are some of the most evil, suh-human beings to have aever drawn breath in the history of the world. Think Terminator – they can’t be bargained with or reasoned with. They haven’t an ounce of pity or human compassion in their black souls. They WILL NOT STOP, EVER, until they have crushed every last person on the planet into total submission.

            If you’re going to dance with the devil, don’t bring ballet shoes.

            Best bring your sh#t stompin’, @ss kicking biker boots, or stay home.

  10. I own the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ASheepNoMore. June marks the one year anniversary of the page (and website) with over 180,000 plus awake and aware followers of the page. If anyone wants to get a petition going, I can post it on my page and the other 6 I admin. If you are interested, send it to my public profile page as I’m having a difficult time keeping up with all the messages I receive on A Sheep No More. My facebook contact name is: Julie Crory Telgenhoff. In the meantime, I’ll create a photo to go along with this article and post it tonight. Number is 916 517-8587. Thanks patriots!!!

  11. I just smell a RAT. I think it’s time for Floridians to FIRE Gov Scott !!!! I believe a RE-CALL is in order. I don’t even think a PERMIT should be necessary to carry a gun. 2nd Ammendment just says “the right to bear arms shall NOT be infinged”. Notice there is NOTHING in there about having a PERMIT.

    1. “shall not be infringed”, plain English, must be engraved on the foreheads, if not brains, of the retard Bolshevik criminals trying to disarm Americans, and then recreate another massacre as they (their relatives) did in Russia after 1917. 145 million armed Americans stand firm, and will repel and destroy any intention of an armed coup by these leeches of humanity. Beast to Abyss for a thousand years, to be fulfilled.

  12. He was arrested for no license to carry. perfectly legal. He is only throwing out the second amendment crap to save face and his own ass.

    He was trying to get a friend out of trouble…

    1. license to carry? license to drive? license to work? license to sell? license to marry? license to travel? license to build? license to heal? license to teach? license to preach? license to speculate? license to farm? license to timber? license to… ‘expel gas’ (CO2)?

      And WHO ‘legalized’ these ‘licenses’, GOD??… NO, some retard leeching maggot from Shinar, occupying just about every position of misused power, disinformation, and rapine in this country.

      The Sheriff was right, ‘license or no license’, both men must be absolved, and the Grub-r-nor must be brought to the stand, fined, shamed, and removed.

    1. And if you hadn’t read the news, got smart, hid your illegal stolen weapon and waited for a better opportunity to murder your former girl friend who kicked you out for your sickening habits and bad smell, you would be in jail with the Sheriff and his ‘friend’… right, Speculator Maximus?

      It works both ways. The mind can fly on its own, but psychedelic drugs make people really bump the wall. OR… do you troll for the gun grubbin maggots in the DC Latrine??

  13. I’m sick of hearing about these little Hitler-type Governors, Senators, Mayors, etc…. running government positions and dictating their OWN SET of laws and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! The Military needs to clean away ALL of this nonsense from politics and allow the system to reboot. We need to also rid ourselves of the rich and anti-American Jewish Lobby destroying our Government, for Israel political desires!

    Start recalls and stop electing sworn enemies of Freedom & Liberty, so we DON’T NEED TO RECALL the idiot traitors! We need more hangings like in the olden days, when you found traitors hiding amongst us.

    Oh, and the IRS and NSA and CIA – we need to shut you guys down, too. We don’t need Secret Police, that we are PAYING for WITH OUR TAXES to be tracking us just to have, “Something to do!” The terrorists are you guys.

  14. Get that misinformed people, the guy was carrying a concealed weapon, If the man had been carrying it out in the open on his person he would have only got background checked, weapon checked, hassled all day, pick his weapon up days later at the sheriffs office, and no one is crying foul.I’m just glad the majority of posters above aren’t from Florida, wheew scary Larry.

    1. “shall not be infringed” trumps, stomps, kicks, flattens, flushes, ANY idiocy put out by the leeches from Shinar who usurped the US in 1913, and are trying, fruitlessly, to topple this country and murder its people, as their cousins did in Bolshevik Russia in 1917. NOT!

  15. time for that governor to be recalled from office

    and if there are any sheriffs with a pair, the governor should be arrested for conspiracy to commit kidnapping

  16. I find nowhere in that document giving the governor authority to remove the sheriff. Quite the contrary, a district judge must have a valid petition filed, then a court must find violations of any of the stated reasons. Furthermore, the document relates to texas, not florida.

    1. Beware! These parasites from Hell are TESTING the People of the US. Give them ANY room, they will invade all your God given rights and dump you into FEMA camps for extermination, THEIR Agenda 21.

      Except, this nation and its 145 MILLION armed Americans will stop and end for ever their lunatic dreams of conquest of humanity. Beast to Abyss, around the corner.

  17. Well, that was a waste of time unless you like talking to people like Shultz on Hogan’s Hero’s. Yep “Ya told me so” 🙂
    To try to find a positive about this?, they know people are paying attention…..
    and as someone said, they don’t like us to be anything but dumbed down.
    The whole gun grab, shouldn’t even ever be. It’s just ridiculus…
    I do remember when you could bring your gun to school if you were going hunting after school and we did!
    Now I have to play catch up on stuff thats gotta get done. My best to all

    1. HaHa RT, ya see RT now days people are not all that mentally stable as we were back in the day. 🙂 That is why we could do what we all could do back then in the good ole days 🙂 . I am proud to remember the days when we all were honest and all. We were all honest for the most part back then and we were all – for the most part – mentally stable then too. 🙂 🙂

  18. I’m sure Sheriff Finch from Florida won’t have to be looking long for a new job. This whole thing smells like a set up. We will soon have more details hopefully.

    “Finch has not commented on the matter himself, but his attorney, Jimmy Judkins, released a statement which read ”The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second amendment and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s prerogative whether to charge someone or not.” It appears, therefore, that the Florida sheriff was arrested for doing his job.”


  19. From the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
    Link to site included and response from Admin. from last night.


    admin on June 7, 2013 at 10:39 pm said:
    “It’s not an issue of whether the guy in the car was breaking a law or not. It’s about whether the the governor is going to be allowed to push a sheriff around when the sheriff uses his just powers of discretion in law enforcement. The last thing we need is sheriffs blindly enforcing stupid laws, because that is the end of our check and balance on the other branches of government.”

      1. You’re Welcome Angel 🙂
        Oh! I was going to tell ya I should have said Happy Belated sorry about that! and was going to ask (just saw part of response), Seltzer water? with the cornstarch in the Slippery shrimp recipe?

          1. Great idea, I’ll try that the next time I make it, bet it will be good! TY!
            Stayed up too late the past few nights looking for info and #’s and stuff on the sheriff article. Calling it an early night, hope ya’ll have a good one!
            TY again Angel!

          2. Learned it from old Chef/Caterers (at least 30 years ago). It was their “secret”.

  20. The Governor can only intervene in matters of malfeasance or high crimes. Under State law it will be up to the prosecutor to charge or not and there must be a new election within the prescribed time for a new Sheriff. Its going to be tough to get off this because its a state law thats been broken. I hope and pray that other sheriffs will step up and not allow ANY government entity to pass laws against the 2nd amendment. It says we have the RIGHT TO KEEP AND CARRY A GUN. IT DOESNT GET ANY PLANER THAN THAT.

  21. I’m surprised the Sheriff went quietly. Agents acting on behalf of the governor should have been arrested.

  22. um,,, um,,, sheriffs are elected officials, another elected official cant take one out of power, only the people who put them into power, thats why we keep getting jackass presidents because theres nothing “legal” we can do after they get in to get them out, other than impeechment and lets see, we kicked one out for a bj, and weve kept two in for two terms each destroying our privacy, bill of rights and constitution…. herm yah nothing sketchy there lol

  23. The removal of an elected official in the state of Florida is a tool that is used in conjunction with the State Attorneys Office and the Governor.

    The Governor only has the authority to suspend an elected official and appoint a temporary replacement. The Florida Senate has the authority to remove.

    The governors in the past had a program or plan in place to suspend an elected official for any thing they could find wrong. Of course it’s law but only good for those in position to administer that law.

    The next thing to consider is whether or not the suspended official is convicted of a crime.

    Each Governor usually has a “head hunter” called a Special Prosecutor and better known as a State Attorney. The Special Prosecutor is assigned to make things look impartial.

    If the suspended official is convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, that within itself is an automatic removal from office and a loss of one’s police certification.

    If not convicted the suspended official can request a hearing before the senate. At this point things get very tricky, extremely political and even down right unconstitutional.

    The Senate will then appoint a Special Master which is usually a Secretary of the Senate to preside over the quasi judicial hearing, but, I assure you the hearing is one sided and basic constitutional rights of the Defendant is thrown out the window.

    The hired employee of the Senate is going to protect their job and be swayed as to which side the pressure comes from.
    If the Sheriff, in this case, was elected on a Partisan ticket he definitely needs the assistance of his Party.

    The Special Master will hear testimony and collect evidence and then make a recommendation to the Senate for reinstatement or removal and in most cases a final decision is made prior to any formal vote of the Senate.

    In some cases the Defendant may not even be allowed to be present during their own hearing because the Special Master will take the position, that justice will better be served in the absence of the Defendant so witnesses will not be intimidated. What a bunch of Bull!

    In most cases of newly elected Sheriff’s the State Attorney is usually powerful enough to get the Sheriff removed.

    At this point it’s all about power and politics and not about evidence or ones rights or the right of the voters.

    In this case I can assure you the State Attorney will do their best to have the Sheriff’s certification taken away. That’s just part of what they do.

    A major piece of advice to the Sheriff is, if and when this gets that far and he has not been convicted of a crime and FDLE trys to take his certification away he should formerly request a hearing before “The Division of Administrative Hearings”. This will probably be the most fair hearing that will take place during any of this process.

    One thing to keep in mind in this case is when the present sheriff was elected.

    I haven’t performed any updated research, however, if things haven’t changed, and the sheriff is removed from office (not just suspended) prior to completing one half of his term there has to be a special election to fill that office.

    One trick used in the past is to keep extending the Governor’s Executive Order of Investigation, The purpose of this is to make the time run past the half way mark so the Governor can make an appointment to that office.

    Another word of advice to the sheriff. Do not rely on help from the Florida Sheriff’s Association. They will not take a chance on messing up their “buddy buddy” politics in Tallahassee.

    I can assure you I am well aware of the crony system. I have lived it because I am a victim of the same system.

    Don’t resign, stick it out, you have a chance!


    Someone that has been where you are!

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