Florida governor to issue executive order ending Common Core

Fox News

FLORIDA — The governor of Florida has issued an executive order eliminating Common Core in Florida schools.

Common Core standards aim to set clear, consistent goals for what students should learn in certain subjects.  

The Common Core standards, which arose from the federal No Child Left Behind law, have been adopted in more than 40 states and have caused significant debate.

Lawmakers across the nation have heard discontent from parents, teachers and communities about the standards. Some parents are reportedly frustrated with the increase in time spent on testing and the pressure on students, as well as teachers, to do well.

Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he is issuing an executive order to eliminate Common Core from Florida schools.

“Common Core has failed teachers, parents, and our children. That’s why I am issuing an Executive Order to eliminate Common Core in Florida. We will streamline standardized testing, make civics a priority in schools and increase the literacy rate,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ohio adopted the Common Core standards for Math, English, Social Studies and Science in 2010.  Since its adoption multiple lawmakers have proposed legislation to repeal the program, however each attempt ultimately failed.


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