Florida Manatees Dying at Record Pace

All Gov – by Noel Brinkerhoff

Last year was a bad one for Florida’s manatees, which experienced a record number of fatalities.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute reported last month that more than 800 of the giant sea cows died in 2013, which was the highest total on record since the institute began researching the mammals 40 years ago.

The previous record for manatee deaths was 766 in 2010. At that time cold weather was largely blamed for the die-off.  

Last year, a record number of manatees died from red tide (276) caused by high concentrations of algae in the ocean. Seventy-two were killed by watercraft and 36 died of cold stress.

One piece of good news to come out of the institute’s reporting was the number of manatee deaths caused by boats was only 71, which was a five-year low . Additionally, 14 manatees infected from red tide were able to be rehabilitated and released back into their marine habitat.

Florida’s manatee population is estimated to be about 5,000.

-Noel Brinkerhoff

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  1. Nope, BP and Fukushima have absolutely nothing to do with this. Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see. Move along. This is just another normal day in Florida. Just move on right over there to that shopping mall, where Victoria Secret has a special on bras and Tommy Hilfiger has a 2 for one deal on shorts and t-shirts.

  2. It’s all happening right before our eyes, the death of our oceans and all we here about from MSM is that cricket chirping sound. Life on this planet will never be the same.

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