5 thoughts on “Florida’s New Assault Weapons Ban Bill Explained: Its Bad!

  1. I love how they just say shit like it’s a foregone conclusion.. you WILL turn them in.. you WILL be fined.. you WILL go to jail. the only way they can know you have such weapons and parts and whatnot is if they physically walk up to your door and you LET them in and you LET them search and you LET them take the stuff or you LET them take you. of course this also applies at ROUTINE traffic stops.. STOP LETTING THEM!! there is no “courts straightening it out”. we gotta stop being naive first.. there is no justice. not in their game where the rules change as they see fit. when those first 2 Chekists knock on the door… PLANT EM! For lack of operatives.. the machine would grind to a halt.

  2. Tired of these YT gun guys being all dramatic and completely reactive when it comes to being THREATENED by this criminal enterprise that is steadily advancing their enslavement agenda. I watch lots of these gun channel videos and rarely do I hear any of them do anything more than briefly mention the Bill of Rights, then they drop it and go into the newly proposed infringement as if it’s valid and needs to be addressed by working within this criminal system.
    When new gun laws are discussed by many “gun” people, I’ll hear a few words about “The Second Amendment”, and then they’ll spend all kinds of time and energy trying to work around loopholes they can find in the new layers of these fraudulent infringements, while making the tired old arguments about crime statistics, gun free zones and, of course, the “un-Constitutional” mantra. Some are ignorant, others suffer cognitive dissonance, and more still just don’t get it, even after you explain it.
    As The Trenchers know, it begins and ends with those 10 ARTICLES of our Bill of Rights, full stop.
    That is the law!
    Henry says it every day, all we need do is enforce that law and the game is over. Getting lost in the quagmire of this fictitious corporate legal horseshit is so obviously playing into the hands of our oppressors.

    1. everybody is always looking for ‘another way’. NO ONE says or thinks violence is the answer or even an option. funny how so many millions of people have different opinions on a million different things but they’re ALL aligned on non violence this, peaceful that.. that’s the biggest brainwashing of all the brainwashings.. violence never solves anything.. except when THEY want to solve something then it’s the first fukin thing they do!! I think it’s obvious.. violence begets.. RESULTS.

    2. JewTubers sold out. Too worried about Goolag’s ‘monetization’ for their channels – shekels for ‘going along’; You can say this or that, but the ‘no’ list is a mile long, so NO ONE steps over that line, AND they might also lose their ‘Amazon Storefront’ (Bezos is another traitor). So doff your chapeau to a very smart enemy. For a few shekels, they bought nearly total complicity, even from those guys who are ex-Rangers, Spec Ops, SEALs, etc.

      Sad what they’ve done to themselves and the country ‘For a Few Dollars More’

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