Food Stamp Sign-Ups Outnumber Jobs Created in Obama’s Illinois

Breitbart – by Warner Todd Huston

Among the many metrics that show Obama’s home state is struggling to break the Great Recession, a new report shows that applications for food stamps in Illinois is greater than its creation of jobs.

Illinois has had the worst recovery from the recession of any state in the country, the Illinois Policy Institute reported this month: “There are nearly 300,000 fewer Illinoisans working today than in January 2008, and 170,000 fewer payroll jobs. ”  

“For every post-recession job created in Illinois, nearly two people have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps,” the Institute wrote. “In the recession era, the number of Illinoisans dependent on food stamps has risen by 745,000.”

While Illinois sits about in the middle of the pack for a percent of the population on the SNAP assistance program, this new report is consistent with reports last year that found that Illinois was the only state to see a double-digit increase in SNAP enrollments.

Illinois consistently falls in the lowest ranks of nearly every metric that denotes a successful state. Only last week a new report showed that Illinois had more home foreclosures than any other state. In July it was reported that Illinois had the worst private sector job creation of every state in the great Midwest.

Incumbent Democrat Governor Pat Quinn was undaunted by the news, saying, “Illinois’ comeback is going strong and we’ve got more work to do.” Quinn is up for re-election this year.

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2 thoughts on “Food Stamp Sign-Ups Outnumber Jobs Created in Obama’s Illinois

  1. Haveing been born and raised in that State. IL. has many things going for it. A Police force that runs the good citizen and it’s good workers out of the State in fear of there lives. High tax’s to pay them for this. Were I lived the cops got 100% of the property tax’s. That a large percent use to go to schools and education. That is covered by the lotto money, they should pay the police from that money and see how far ticket sales fall. They have more obstuctive laws than people or corporations can live under. Every new tax law they pass leaves them with fewer jobs, and more people on welfare. And every Govoner in my life time there except Quin left office in disgrace or of to prison. So Quin is not been caught yet. Yes it is a mess there. Best to be gone from there and let the State go broke on it’s own. And Chicago can not even borow enough money to pay for there police abuse suits against them. The State is a mess we know and fled. Wonder if the poor people there miss the tax money there police run out of the country for them?

  2. And yet we are bringing in more illegal immigrants. How nice……

    Has everyone realized that we can’t support any more people when our own economy is collapsing?

    Oh that’s right, that’s the Communist plan.

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