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For My Trencher Family

Randy’s ashes and Death Certificate were delivered to me on Saturday afternoon. Until I can take him home to Texas, he is in the East window of our Living Room.  Unfortunately his Death Certificate still is not correct. It will have to be re-done for the 6th time. My poor Sweetheart… He had such a hard, difficult, painful life…Now, even after Death, everything is difficult…complicated…   

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12 Responses to For My Trencher Family

  1. JoeSTP says:

    Thank you Angel and God Bless.

  2. Katie says:

    Beautiful Angel, thank you.

  3. Mary in ND says:


  4. Jolly Roger says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Angel. There are people here who really do care and worry about you. Hang in there.

    Worthless bureaucrats can’t do anything right.

  5. Enemy of the State says:

    Sorry to hear about his incorrect Death Cert
    the incompetency in office these days is staggering

    leaving that aside , I pray for your peace and Your late Husbands peace also

  6. galen says:

    Oh Angel. What a beautiful picture. You have surrounded Randy in luminance and beauty and these will bless him in comforting peace. None of the ways of the world can mess with that. And you, you are walking this journey with such grace and so much love and only good can come from that.


  7. NC says:

    Sorry to hear about the certificate issue. Hope things get better for you. Your husband Randy will be remembered. God Bless!

  8. Sunfire says:

    I am sorry to hear that the enemy force in occupation couldn’t even get Randy’s strawman’s certificate of death right. The picture you posted is beautiful, I’m sure Randy is looking upon it and smiling. I don’t know what the future holds for any of us, but I take comfort in knowing that all the darkness and evil in this life is temporary as this life itself is temporary. I don’t believe that death is the end, but only a new beginning to true peace, freedom, joy, and pure love.

  9. Hal Apeeno (FEMA Region 8) says:

    I feel for you, my friend.
    Stay focused.

  10. DL. says:

    Same thing happened to my mother-in-law who passed late June 2017, didn’t get a proper death cert for months. God be with you and get back to Texas soon, Aggie homegirl.

  11. Thank you for the picture Angel. We love you.

  12. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Peace & blessings, Angel.

    You are special, dear one, you deserve much better than this.

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