For Sale: 3 Bedroom Prepper Fortress, Moat Not Included

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Did you ever wish that you could relocate to a fortress in which you could wait out the Zombie Apocalypse?  Well, for the mere price of $649,000, a fortress can be yours.  The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is on 4 wooded acres.  

castle forest

On the market in Yelm, Washington, is a prepper castle waiting for a family of survival-minded people. Sadly, there’s no moat, but there is a little pond in the back.

Prepper castle pond

Yelm, according to Wikipedia, is a city in Thurston County with a population of 6,848

The home boasts of just about everything a prepper could want:

  • The walls are made from fire-proof concrete, poured 2 feet thick.  This moderates the temperature and protects the occupants from all but the very heaviest of artillery.
  • The house is ready to function off grid, should the need arise.
  • The crenalations on the roof look like excellent places from which to defend the castle.
  • The basement is protected by a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical filter, keeping occupants safe in the event of a nuclear attack, a deadly pandemic, or biological warfare.
  • The basement has bunkrooms for sleeping, in the event the family needs to hunker down.
  • Small windows would make the home difficult to breach.

The pantry in the basement is so lovely that we stockpile-minded folks could probably write poetry to it.  (Although in a castle, I think the proper term is “larder”.)

castle pantry

For your pre-apocalypse needs, the home’s interior is filled with lovely touches, like arched doorways, a copper sink in the chef’s kitchen, and a large, rustic fireplace.

Prepper castle collage

A girl can dream, right? If you happen to have more money kicking around than I do, you can find the listing HERE.

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