For The First Time Since It Was Mexico, California Now Has More Latinos Than Whites

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Two weeks ago, we highlighted a statistic that reflects the rapid demographic shift taking place in America. Non-Hispanic whites, Bloomberg reported, citing the Census Bureau, are no longer the majority in Americans under 5 years old.

Why does this matter or, perhaps more to the point, why do we mention it here? Because demographic shifts often have far-reaching consequences for the economy. Here’s what we said last month:  

Shifting demographics are affecting everything from the labor market, to homeownership, to race relations in America. 

In “The ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Recovery” for instance, we documented the stunning fact that the US has added 2.3 million “foreign-born” workers, offset by just 727K “native-born” since December 2007. Because the “foreign-born” category includes both legal and illegal immigrants, it may well be that the surprise answer why America’s labor productivity has plummeted in recent years and certainly months, and why wage growth has gone precisely nowhere, is because the vast majority of all jobs since December 2007, or 75% to be specific, have gone to foreign-born workers. 

As for the housing market, we recently cited data from the Urban Institute which shows that because the vast majority of new households in the next decade will be formed by minorities, and because minority groups tend to have lower homeownership rates, the overall homeownership rate in America — which has already retraced twenty years’ worth of gains — will likely slide further in the coming years.

These are but two examples of how much demographic shifts matter. Against this backdrop we present the following chart and brief commentary from the LA Times with no further comment:

The shift shouldn’t come as a surprise. State demographers had previously expected the change to occur sometime in 2013, but slow population growth pushed back projections. In January 2014, the state Department of Finance estimated the shift would take place at some point in March.

Either way, the moment has officially arrived.

“This is sort of the official statistical recognition of something that has been underway for almost an entire generation,” said Roberto Suro, director of the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute at USC.

California is now the first large state and the third overall — after Hawaii and New Mexico — without a white plurality, according to state officials.

“Where L.A. goes is where the rest of the state goes and where the rest of the country goes,” he said. “We announce, demographically speaking, the future for the rest of the country.”

12 thoughts on “For The First Time Since It Was Mexico, California Now Has More Latinos Than Whites

  1. ““Where L.A. goes is where the rest of the state goes and where the rest of the country goes,” he said.”

    Really? Says who? I could give two shits about Commiefornia. It can sink in the ocean and not have an impact on me here in Texas. As a matter of fact, it would free up a lot of job opportunities, since most of the people move here seeking work from Commiefornia. Also, it would get rid of a lot of illegal immigrants and Commies.

    (excluding the commenters on here who are from California, of course)

    1. Thank you NC for the clarification, because I’m NOT one of the faggots or liberal commie traitors. Much appreciated ! And believe me, I feel nothing but DISGUST and RAGE for what has befallen ( by design ) the state I live in . . .

  2. Took just twenty-four years for this in one state, we now know where some of the invasion columns will come from: commiefornia. Kind of funny really, everyone is getting ready for some big “war” with the government yet they are sitting back and using free foreign cannon fodder, why bother with a war when they can pump in illegals and have them do it for them? All they have to do later if anything at all period… Is so just mop up after these beaners begin their phase 3 which is ethnic cleansing (genocide) against all whites in the US. A man made video once called “immigration gumballs,” sums things up very well.

    Before any war against the government starts we will most likely have a very long, long, long decades war of genocide against the Mexicans first. This keeps up all we will be doing is just giving off one last scream and howl before being dragged off into the dark because we pandered around too long, just like the Gauls, kept fighting each other while the Romans advanced day by day on them and at the absolute last second turned but they had wasted so long gawking and yapping they were wiped off the earth or dragged away in chains.

    What will set this off though, the Mexicans doing something or will an American do something first? I highly doubt the government will, they are sitting back laughing at us as they simply replace us and out-breed us. You can only pump so many of them in before someone somewhere decides to reconquer things for one side or the other, but who and when or IF.

    Look at that chart one last time and think what the next decade will bring, because they are right now breeding as fast and hard as they can while arming up (not just you remember? The illegals are preparing as well) so what will the chart be in ten or eighteen years?

  3. Its probably the biggest reasons whey Californians are buying Ammo by tonnage. We have ammo stores popping up all over the place here and gun shops as well selling like crazy. Yes in COMMIFORNIA! People forget that California is an “OLD WEST” state and a hell of a lot of us are Patrick Henry types. We also hate the invaders. Mexicans are a big chunk of the problem. The other big problem is the Asians. Blacks? You bet they are too because they are a huge crime problem here. We know where there bear sits. California has militias. Most of them are underground. Can’t make it plainer than that. The SHTF California is going to see a large exodus as the $#IT gets driven out of America so fast and hard the invaders will be dropping just from their pace of egress. The ONLY reason why that hasn’t happened is the extremely hostile security force that now protects them. Given a civil war scenario and those forces are erased there will be nothing to protect them.

    1. Amen Brother. I’m in the SF East Bay, and the last ” original ” in my neighborhood. Lived here 48 years. Armed to the teeth, and loaded for Bear here. If ANY of my, ahem, latino, asian, or any other neighbors get ” froggy “, I’ll dump every last F#@kin’ one of ’em, and NONE of them know what I have or what I’m capable of.

      1. Hang in there fellow patriot. After the proverbial “HOUSE CLEANING” California is going to have to sustain, Silicon valley will be a nice place to live, work, and invent again. Same as Los Angeles area.

        We’ll even rename all the Spanish cities. Well keep all the american ones. Even names like OX NARD, just for fun. 🙂

  4. Yep. The jews are doing quite a number on this corporation known as USA. Tune in to the protocols to whats next in store. Is more racism? More multiculturalism? Or hell! Why not another false flag.

    1. Hell, why not another FLAG in general since they’re already taking down our Confederate Flag? Next, will be the American flag if the Commies have anything to say about it.

  5. The chart’s showing numbers; not percentages. What it reveals is that as more wetbacks move in, more white people move out.

    The article’s predictions for the next decade’s demographics don’t consider an economic collapse, which could have a lot of wetbacks running back home. They’re only here for the welfare checks, and whatever crimes they can get away with. When the tit runs dry, they may lose interest in being here.

    1. ” The chart’s showing numbers; not percentages. What it reveals is that as more wetbacks move in, more white people move out. ”

      Is this a presumption on your part, or do you have factual data to back up your assertion ? Please do present such data, for I would be interested in pursing it. I’ve known well a few good non-Caucasian families who’ve left my neighborhood for Oregon because it was cheaper to live there. This is NOT an attack, I am merely curious . . .

      Also, when you use the term ” wetback “, with all due respect, is that any different than being called a ” gringo ” by a biased, ignorant, brown skin racist ? If so, please explain. I don’t give a shit about skin color or ethnicity of anyone, I care about the heart and essence of a person. THAT, to me, reveals all.

      For the record, I’m 1/2 French Basque ( olive skin ) and approximately 1/2 mixed Euro-trash with a bit of Native American in the mix.

      1. I’d rather be called gringo, which is pretty much non-derogatory (since everyone on this side of the Atlantic, both north and south continents, is Americano), than pendejo (@sshole), which is a common curse word used by los mojados (the wet ones who don’t speak English) in south Texas and across the border. In comparison to pendejo, the term wetback is pretty tame. None of these terms has anything to do with skin pigment. If you want to hear racism, go across the border to a Mexican bank to exchange dollars for Mexican currency and listen to how Norte Americano is sneered.

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