Forced To Fly In The Nude? Al-Qaeda Develops Ingenious New Liquid That Turns Ordinary Clothing Into Bombs

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Since it’s not bad enough that the TSA already has their hands down your pants, inside your shirts and are ogling images of your naked bodies, imagine what they must be thinking now that they’ve ‘discovered’ that Al-Qaeda has developed an ingenious liquid that turns ordinary clothing into bombs.  

This story must surely be making the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security scratch their heads in wonderment, or delight, of how they’re going to stop this latest threat; clothing bombs. The fact that this liquid bomb is ‘undetectable under current security processes’  only makes their jobs more difficult, or more easy, if they already have the sickening solution. What might that be? How about forcing everyone to fly in the nude, or more likely, having a ‘change of clothing’ that everyone will have to change into after they are cleared through their TSA grope down before they enter their planes.

Think of that, everyone will be dressed in the same ‘uniform’, probably pink or zebra striped, or of course, their birthday suits. You got to read what ‘experts’ have to say to get a glimpse of what’s coming down the road.

An Al-Qaida affiliate has developed a new generation of liquid explosive that U.S. officials fear could be used in a future attack, ABC News reported Monday.

Two senior U.S. government sources who have been briefed on the terror threat that prompted the U.S. to close embassies across the Mideast and North Africa this week, told the network that clothes dipped in the liquid become explosive devices when dry.

One of the U.S. officials described the new generation explosive as “ingenious,” while another said it would be undetectable under current security processes.

The liquid explosive is believed to be the brainchild of the Yemen-based affiliate Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the officials told ABC News. This affiliate is home to Ibrahim al-Asiri, a master bombmaker, who was on the 25 “most wanted terrorist” list published by the Yemeni government.

12 thoughts on “Forced To Fly In The Nude? Al-Qaeda Develops Ingenious New Liquid That Turns Ordinary Clothing Into Bombs

  1. What a bullshit story. A bunch of militants create a forumla that DARPA was not capable of creating themselves? Really? Bullshit. If this were true CIA would have been using it years ago. Then again, maybe they were…after all they are Al-CIADA.

  2. Well if Al-Qaida is the CIA or the other way around then we came up with the idea but are going to say it is the cave dwellers that are so smart. Watch for the foaming around the mouths of the TSA over this.

  3. One of the U.S. officials described the new generation explosive as “ingenious,” while another said it would be undetectable under current security processes.

    Which Official?

    Clapper? (sad to think I actually LIKED JC at one time!), how about

    Leon Edward Panetta – The UN puppet (there’s someone who needs to transfer to Ft Leavenworth for permanent TDY)

  4. I don’t even care. You can mix the crap with paint and paint your building, I don’t CARE, it’s no damned reason to break your OATH OF OFFICE, and SCRAP the US Constitution and Bill of Rights

  5. I see. Now the cave-dwelling rag-heads have broken new frontiers in the field of advanced chemistry, and accomplished something that no one else has been able to.

    Leave it to “beforeitsnews” to pour on the BS, and add a touch of titillating nudity to induce people to read it. They’re just another Zionist news outlet for people who no longer believe the original Zionist news outlets.

  6. nude anal crotch probing coming to a theater near you.

    if you believe something as outlandish as this and it does happen the sheep will believe it couldn’t be stopped kinda like religion.

    is anyone else thinking what i’m thinking?

    nothing in >insert< ever happens by accident.

  7. Look to the Chaos Squad of the European Central Bank & their puppet Army the CIA. Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth——Also, ya’ll better start becoming aware of the CIA chemtrails!!!!!

    1. funny you mention that. our local paper posted a story about chemtrails. however, below that article was an editorial ridiculing us tin foil hat wearers. dane wiggington a local here in n. ca.and others first brought this to peoples attention with “what in the world are they spraying” they did air, water, and soil tests and were alarmed at what they found.

  8. Of course this is bullsh#t propaganda. Even those only half awake should be able to figure that much out.

    Regardless, I only post articles of this nature to keep us all apprised of the latest lies and propaganda out there.

    Consider it comic relief, if nothing else.

  9. “Al-Qaeda Develops Ingenious New Liquid That Turns Ordinary Clothing Into Bombs”

    BAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!! What a crock of shit.

    Oh wait! I think I see the T-1000 (Liquid metal terminator) going through the airport scanners as we speak. TSA is about to feel her up? Whoops! She sliced him in two with her arm that turned into a sword. Guess he had it coming.

  10. I invented suppositories that are made of C-4 with a remote detonating device. I started selling it to the terrorists online. There buying the shit out them.

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