7 thoughts on “Ford trucks parked indefinitely at Kentucky Speedway, other Kentuckiana lots amid chip shortage

    1. Here is a f-king thought. Why aren’t our components being made right here in the United States? No doubt we invented the technology at our expense which is readily handed over to the jews to sell to the Chinese so the Chinese can have more control over America. Before this world trade horseshit we needed nothing from no one and we still don’t.
      Enforce the law of December 15, 1791. Wipe these mother f-kers out, every one of them, and then blow China off the world map, then we will see who is making the components from our technology for our products.

  1. I wouldn’t touch one of those with a 10 foot pole once they come on the lots for sale

    already hearing about all the problems with the current fleet that rolled of the assembly lines within the past year , not good
    I leased a 21 Silverado this year for my steel rep. already been back in for an issue and its only like 4-5 months old
    wouldnt go over 40 MPH due to a throttle position sensor that the entire throttle body or plenum had to be replaced because its not just some replaceable sensor ..stupid shit I see them putting in these new vehicles that dont need to be …yellow pages engineers these days re-inventing the wheel

  2. Here’s another thought, stop putting all of those computer gizmos in cars and go back to the way they used to be, A FRIGGIN’ CAR! NOT A COMPUTER. MAKE A DAMN CAR THAT I CAN CONTROL, NOT IT CONTROLS ME!

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