Former Biden official makes stunning claim about president’s border policy

Oct 5, 2021
Rodney Scott, Biden’s former Border Patrol chief who resigned in June, said the administration was dragging their feet at border security on ‘Special Report.’

3 thoughts on “Former Biden official makes stunning claim about president’s border policy

  1. Notice at the 8:23 mark that despite having all the materials laid out and ready as well as resources and ability to do so, he states that current administration told him, “We’re not building more wall.”

    They said contractors were being billed 5 million A DAY to NOT build a border wall. See the 7:47 mark.

    Absolute treason and sickening.

    We are completely being destroyed from within. Anyone who doesn’t believe the government we have is against us by now, is a complete and utter fool.

  2. He’s kidding me, right? Thirty years as a border agent and doesn’t mention orchestrated globalization? This guy strikes me as not just deep state, but deeper state. Says he’s “not political.” Ha!! Welcome to life buddy, where today all life is political because “politics” is out to kill us. This invasion is just one arm of their destruction, albeit a huge one. Crazy that he shows concern for the border crisis but never mentions the UN’s part of flooding 3rd-worlders into most western countries to dilute those cultures and force homogenization – all without the approval of the people; all unlawful. And what ever happened to “Help your own before you help the stranger?” That’s a strategy that could have stopped us from sinking – to just take care of our own. But communism ever takes and disrupts and ever crushes the peoples’ independent determinism. That border issue, over 3 decades of playing games, could have been solved if they wanted to solve it. They’re all full of it. More and more I’m seeing the border issue as a violation of Article 4: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses…” Does a continual flow of immigrants coming in make you feel more secure?!! It doesn’t me. We are us. We are not greater Israel.


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