Former Corruption Prosecutor Found Dead Under A Bridge- Suspiciously Ruled A “Suicide”

IntelliHub – by Cassius Methyl

John Fahy, or “Jay” as he was called, was found underneath a bridge, with a single gunshot wound to the head. There is no history of mental illness, or apparent reason for why the man would have wanted to commit suicide, so anyone thinking critically would find this extremely suspicious.  

Jay was a frequent guest on MSNBC, a propaganda network, and knowing how the White House and corporate elite are allied with corporate media, perhaps he broke some agreement between them, and maybe he was taken out as a result. Only a real investigation performed by citizens could reveal the truth.

Either way – the US government can “legally” (though constitutionally criminally, that is why they are war criminals) kill with impunity, and secrecy. Given the NDAA, watch your back if you get in the way of the tyranny’s agenda. And if you do not get in the way of the tyranny’s agenda, you have some work to do. “

According to Mediaite Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli confirmed the death, which he said was “the result of a single gunshot wound to the head, fired with a handgun.”

A close associate of Fahy’s expressed bewilderment at his colleague’s death: “I feel like I just lost my brother,” the unidentified person told the Cliffview Pilot. “Everybody’s in tears right now.”

“Something happened in the last two weeks,” the person added. “But none of us can figure out what it is.”

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3 thoughts on “Former Corruption Prosecutor Found Dead Under A Bridge- Suspiciously Ruled A “Suicide”

  1. Maybe we should ask Slick Willy, most of the people he ordered to be taken out committed suicide with a single gunshot to the back of the head……normal! Continue to fight for Liberty & freedom

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