Former police officer trains bouncers to treat customers as possible terrorists


Robert Smith, a former police officer claims his company Nightclub Security Consultants (NSC) can detect possible terrorists in bars and nightclubs.

Mr. Smith, claims his courtroom expertise, drug recognition, fake identification detection and alcohol consumption detection “can and will protect your business from the very real and often life changing incidents that just one night can produce.” 

NSC, also claims to be the nations premiere bouncer consulting company in the country…

“We are currently and will remain the nations leading premise liablity consulting company.” 
(Amusingly they misspelled liability on their website.)

Lets, discuss some of NSC’s claims…

A police officer’s ‘courtroom expertise’ usually means they testify about an arrest, only after having rehearsed it with a District Attorney and a union representative. A cop’s drug recognition is no better than the average person’s. Except, when they claim to be a ‘Drug Recognition Expert’ (DRE).

DRE’s are magicians, who claim they can determine what type of drugs a person is on by looking at their eyes.

What the public doesn’t know, is DRE certified police officers train fellow officers on how to become DRE certified. There is nothing suspicious about that right?

The police would never use an unscientific method to falsely arrest people right?

Wrong, there are no scientifically valid tests that can determine what kind of drugs a person is on by observing their eye movements. (Click herehere & here to learn more.)

What about a police officers’ alcohol consumption detection you ask?

Magicians Police officers also claim, that they can tell if a person is drunk by looking at their eyes.

A police officer also uses, a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus to look for jerky motions in a person’s eyes to determine if they are drunk. Then, the officer administers a series of  highly questionable balance and speech tests and finally a ‘secret’ breathalyzer machine to determine if they are drunk. (To learn more about secret breathalyzer codes, click herehere & here.)

The truth is, a police officer has no better chance of determining if a person is on drugs or drunk, than you or I.

So why are venues, nightclubs, bars etc., paying NSC hundreds of dollars to have their staff trained to act and think like a police officer?

Bouncers trained to treat customers as possible terrorists

NSC, trains bouncers across the country in ‘terrorism awareness’. Think about that for a minute, a former cop is training bouncers to treat everyone as a possible terrorist.

What could possibly go wrong?

Below, is a list of NSC bouncer training topics:

Terrorism and Disaster Awareness
Powers to Arrest
Citizens Detention
Conflict Resolution
Use of Force
Alcohol regulations
Alcohol Liabilities
Fake and Borrowed Identification 

NSC, has turned Homeland Security’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ spy campaign into a profitable business model.

NSC also claims, employees and customers use drugs

According to NSC, your fellow employee or customer could be a possible drug user or dealer.

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

Two months ago, I warned everyone that a former Army Colonel was making a profit off of teaching churchgoers and school employees about the joys of killing people.

When former military leaders and police officers, profit from training people to be suspicious of everyone. We should all be concerned.

Scaring people into believing your shtick is a great business model, that would make old time traveling carnival owners green with envy. But these business models will cost us our freedoms in the long run.

5 thoughts on “Former police officer trains bouncers to treat customers as possible terrorists

  1. great (sarc)
    now i have to worry about my local bouncer murdering me too

    “Stop resisting”!!!.. hey jerkoff im just trying to reach my beer

  2. All I know is that if I go out to a club or bar and the security there strikes me as even the LEAST bit overbearing, that place will no longer get my business. If I’m going out to a place like that, it’s because I want to kick back and have a good time, not have some bouncer sniffing up my ass like the TSA in an airport.

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