Fort Knox shooting has Army post on lockdown

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DEVELOPING:  A shooting at Fort Knox in Kentucky has the entire Army post on lockdown.

The shooting occurred in the vicinity of the Humans Resources Command, which has 3,800 employees.

No word on casualties or injuries was immediately available.  

There is heightened security coming in and out of the base, Fort Knox public affairs officer Ryan Brus told Fox News. cited a Fort Knox spokesman who said the lockdown had been lifted just after 7 p.m., but it has yet to be confirmed.

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4 Responses to Fort Knox shooting has Army post on lockdown

  1. David Kidd says:

    It’s starting to ramp-up folks…things are getting fast and crazy.

  2. NC says:

    Someone doesn’t want others to find out there’s no gold in Fort Knox.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Henry’s article was far more believable. LOL

  4. Bud Butley says:

    You can’t muzzle a mutiny.

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