Fort Worth woman shot Arkansas state trooper during traffic stop, authorities say

Dallas Morning News – by Tom Steele

A Fort Worth woman was arrested Sunday night after authorities say she shot an Arkansas state trooper during a traffic stop.

Trooper Kyle Sheldon pulled over  Elsbeth Tresa Kittinger, 49, along U.S. Highway 270 in Rockport, about 40 miles southwest of Little Rock, around 8:45 p.m. When he asked her to step out of her Dodge pickup, she shot him, according to the the Arkansas State Police.

Elsbeth Tresa KittingerPolice from the neighboring city of Malvern were nearby at the time and returned fire, then pursued Kittinger as she drove away, according to the state police.

About 5 miles away, officers again fired at Kittinger and took her into custody.

Kittinger, who had been shot, was treated at a Hot Springs hospital before being booked into the Garland County jail. It was unclear what charges she faced.

Sheldon also was taken to a Hot Springs hospital; his wound was not expected to be life-threatening. The Arkansas State Police asked for prayers for the trooper and his family in a Facebook post.

Sheldon had recently been profiled on the state police’s Facebook page, saying that it was watching his parents end up on the wrong side of the law that led him to a career in law enforcement.

“In a time where our profession is under extreme scrutiny, I work every day to be a part of the change in my small corner of the world,” he said.

11 thoughts on “Fort Worth woman shot Arkansas state trooper during traffic stop, authorities say

  1. a lot is missing in this story ( more than likely on purpose)
    and with the way the pigs are today , we all have a legitimate reason for fearing our lives in their presence ..
    they created this environment , we didn’t . and now that they are paying for it, they are not happy

    well pal , we didn’t start the fire
    Im sure she didn’t just decide to kill a pig that day , Im sure she was provoked

      1. hey Pigs will be Pigs

        maybe they didnt have intentions to rape her , but im sure they were going to do whatever they wanted to , and she wasnt having any of that

        Lavoy wasnt gonna get raped … and look at what they did to him

  2. Man go lightly on the poor woman.

    I mean… just think.

    There’s a son or daughter crying on Facebook that mom is trending today on the web.

    Let’s show a little compassion.

    Look at the bright side.

    She could have shot a bad NYPD cop according to yesterday’s article.

    And I guess their policy is to have sex with them after the arrest.

    I guess this guy is pretty lucky.

  3. I’d say ‘OUTSTANDING’, but the POS survived… LOUSY AIM, LADY!

    Can you imagine the pig panic, however, were this to start happening a dozen times a day or so, in different states???

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