4 thoughts on “FOX News Admits Romney Cannot Win Without Ron Paul Supporters

  1. Many millions of us who wholeheartedly support Ron Paul would never vote for Romney, who solely represents the interests of the established corporate cleptocracy. Sadly, Obama has proved that he represents precisely those same interests. Democrats and Republicans are now effectively the same party, only pretending to have differences of opinion over trivialities that their corporate overlords don’t care about, a war party.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Romney was the designated loser from the start, like Kerry in 04 and the senile idiot McCain in 08. It was decided long ago that BO was in for two terms. Not that it makes any difference, Romney = BO = same old shit.

  3. Vote Ron Paul and save America! We will let Sean Hannity and his circus barker side kick, count the hanging chads!

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