Fr. Altman Tells Dubuque: “Stand Against the godless, diabolical masking and the jab”

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Here is the audio of Fr. Altman’s speech in Dubuque Iowa on September 22, 2021. (You can download the MP3 audio to your phone.)

4-minute Introduction by Michael Voris

I don’t know why they wouldn’t have recorded & posted video of it, but this is better than nothing! 😇🙏🏻🤷🏼‍♂️🔊

“We were born for a time like this.”

Partial Transcript, at minute 30 Fr. Altman goes on a great anti-mask rant:

“Did we burn a little incense by not fighting back against the godless mask mandates forced upon us by the godless Marxists to utterly dehumanize all of us, including young impressionable children. What have we taught our children? What have we inculcated in our children? (Applause)

Dear family, you can quote me, some people do- not always in a good way- Dear family, every- quote me- Every time you see a person under the age of 30, especially children, all masked up, just remember that the words of Our Lady of Fatima are true: the Russian error, Marxism, is raging across our country and around the world. See I’ve been to a lot of airports lately… it’s like you’re in a Sci-fi movie. Everybody’s masked up because Joe Biden, whos got dementia beyond belief – you ever seen that movie ‘weekend at bernie’s’? It’s weekend at Bidens. He goes out there with that stupid mask on and I say, I want the leader of the free world to be mask free like we are; lead us, don’t be a coward. (Applause)

Every time you see a person under 30 wearing a mask, ask ourselves, have we stood up against that? Have we voiced our, the truth against that? Or, have we burned a little incense by not standing firm? No matter what the cost, against the godless, diabolical masking and the jab! Orchestrated not by Almighty God, get that straight- the jab was not orchestrated by Almighty God, but by the godless. Dear family, as a simple matter of faith, ponder the truth: that if Almighty God did not want us to ever get sick and die, He never would have driven Adam and Eve out of the garden, on account of what? Their sins. And, He would gave had us born be born with masks so we’d never catch an airborne disease. Okay listen, that really sounds funny right… how do babies, how do children, learn to be human? Except by looking into the eyes and into the face of those who love them and of those they love? Little children in school? How do they learn? They look at the visual ques of the face of the teacher. I’ll say it again. God damn the masking requirements that have destroyed our humanity. (Applause.)

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2 thoughts on “Fr. Altman Tells Dubuque: “Stand Against the godless, diabolical masking and the jab”

  1. Thank you for posting this, Martin. I didn’t listen to all the links but I did listen to Fr. Altman, and though I didn’t align with every single thing he said, I did find much value in him taking on the false Pope and the compliant bishops, and shaming them for feeding their people the lie of the scamdemic with all the fear it spews. He is anti-mask to the core. And I like that he exposed the hypocrite priests and all their sexcapades. He is a fighter and he may arrive to the physical fight on the front lines. I don’t know if he will have it in him to kill evil. I would hope so, and we’re I sharing a cup of coffee with him I’d have to ask how he might understand the biblical passage where Christ says, “Sell your cloak and buy a sword.”


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