France: Along Comes A Suspiciously, Conveniently Timed Christmas “Terror” Shooting…

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After reading Gallier’s comments from the previous post, I became intrigued with this latest “terror” incident. It’s so well packaged. Marketable. Terror. Christmas. What’s with the repeated occurrence of Christmas attacks? Who hates Christ-mas that much?
Certainly not the retailers..   

France hunts terror suspect who killed 3 at Christmas market  

The timing of this incident is so favourable to the Macron government. It’s just a fact can’t be missed or brushed away:

  1. Takes the focus of attention away from the grievances of the people (Yellow Vests)
  2. Takes the focus of attention away from the arrogant King Jupiter Macron
  3. Makes public gatherings restricted in that part of France.
  4. Play’s the identity politics card which benefits the rulers.

Who benefits from this shooting?

Interesting too that France’s Minister of the Interior said the shooter was convicted of unmentioned crimes in Germany, but, Germany denies the alleged shooter is an “Islamist”. without confirming or denying the criminal aspect either. Strange


 Suspect convicted in Germany

According to French media reports, the alleged perpetrator is a 29-year-old man who was born in Strasbourg.

The French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, had announced last night that the man was known to the policeand had already been convicted of crimes in France andGermany. He was also known as a potential threat.

Reuters reports: Germany has no information indicating Islamist background

Germany has no information indicating that a man suspected of killing three people in an attack on a Christmas market in Strasbourg has an Islamist background, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

“From the German viewpoint, we have no information about the person concerned that points to an Islamist background,”the spokeswoman told a regular government news conference.


Nunez is “outraged” by claims the attack in Strasbourg benefits the government!
Thou doth protest too much 

Secretary of State for the Interior Ministry Laurent Nunez stated that he was “outraged” by claims that the attack in Strasbourg may benefit the government in its struggle against the so-called Yellow Vest movement, RT reported.

“I don’t understand how anybody could imagine this… We should call it for what it is – such ideas are obviously coming from conspiracy theorists,” he told the media.

“According to tweets and other remarks, such conspiracy theories flourish among the ranks of the ‘Yellow Vests’. And this is yet another proof. Saying such things is, frankly speaking, disgraceful,.” he added.

Is it disgraceful?  Conspiratorial? Come on! When it’s so obvious that the biggest benefactor of the shooting is the Macron government?

In the wake of the shooting, all mass gatherings had been banned in Strasbourg by the government.

Surely the ban on gatherings can be expanded. As needed.

And a bit more weirdness: 

Frenchman (tourists) killed Thailand.  Shot in the head.
A Thai national (tourist) dead in the Christmas Market shooting

Thai policeman guns down Frenchman following Bangkok brawl

 A Thai police officer has been detained in connection with the murder of a Frenchman following a brawl in the Sukhumvit area here.

The deceased was identified only as Malik, 35. He sustained a gunshot wound in the head.

A gunshot wound to the head?

Link from above

“ It has now been revealed that one of the victims was a tourist from Thailand.”

Penny for your Thoughts

3 thoughts on “France: Along Comes A Suspiciously, Conveniently Timed Christmas “Terror” Shooting…

  1. its all a distraction

    notice how they cant find him…why? oh and when they do, , he will end up some BS patsy
    because he’s one of their own ..and they haven’t planned ahead for the patsy because all they really wanted was a distraction off the original news cycle

    Macron is a traitor , watch..will be delt with wait watch and see
    Tis the season for treason

    1. Oh yeah. And they must be sure to keep instilling fear in the people.

      I don’t know who wrote these, but…

      “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

      “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it.”


      1. Exactly! Go out into your garden at 3 am in summer, chase out and gore in the ass five adult javelinas (porcine creatures with sharp tusks on them) with a pronged gardening tool…that’ll wipe out fear, that’s for sure! (Or, take an axe to a rattle snake just inches from you…)

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