Free Energy Suppression – For Greed Power and Control – Covering Bob Lazar and Stan Meyer

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It has been long known by many Tesla was the true genius behind many invention we take for granted today. That, he was in-fact railroaded and driven into poverty by his colleagues because his inventions would have eliminated, for example.. The use of copper wire (Telegraphs) wreaking havoc on his colleagues plans of making their fortunes.  

To this day, many of Tesla’s Earth Shattering Inventions that could quite possibly “Save the World” are kept tucked away under “National Security” in some deep dark vault, surely because those Greedy Power Hungry Sycophants would rather poison the planet lining their pockets than have all of us healthy and happy.

I myself have personally met, spoke with, and took a ride in Stan Meyer’s Water / Hydrogen powered Dune Buggy. I was in the 6th or 7th grade and lived in Brookville, Ohio when I met Larry Payner at school. He ranted on of owning horses and we soon became fast friends. I love horses. Anyway…

When at Larry’s house, getting ready to go riding.. He told me about this water powered Dune Buggy and I was like “surrrrre”. “I’ll prove it” he said.. We rode over to Stan’s farm house and the man was eager to show it off. Clearly proud of it and nothing but smiles.

I watched him put “water” in the tank, start it up, and literally, water vapor and droplets came from the exhaust pipe. Sticking my nose right up to the exhaust.. It smelled like Clean Air! He took me around the field a few times and I was astounded. I asked.. “Why doesn’t everyone have this?”

He said he had offers into the millions to sell his patent from Saudi Arabia to the US Govt. and refused them because he was preparing to release all the schematics to the world. So..

A few weeks go by and Larry and I are out-and-about on Prince and Sheba again riding back over to his farm. What we seen shocked us. It was like the farm was never there. Fresh grass was the only sign there was on the spot his house once stood, same with the huge garage-like barn, only “Fresh Grass”. NOTHING LEFT!
We chuckled and thought.. “He was snuffed out for sure!”

Later, we find out that he had died and there was no mention of his invention ever spoke of again.
Here is the Dune Buggy in action on the one TV interview that he did manage to get before his demise.

It has always been that anytime an invention threatens to rid the planet of the need for fossil fuels or threatens any large evil corporation with political cronies in their pocket, that person’s reputations is destroyed if not down right Breitbarted!

Now, we have Bob Lazer presenting his Hydrogen Powered Corvette that is totally safe.. How long do you think he’ll last if this becomes mass produced and plausible? Days.. Weeks.. NOT LONG!

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Bob Lazar, former Area 51 Engineer has a proven method that could let everybody run their cars and home completely for free by using solar energy to create hydrogen that is then stored in a hydride material to safely store the hydrogen.  Once the hydrogen is stored in the hydride, it is 100% safe.  You could shoot the tank with an incendiary bullet or a cut the tank with a chain saw and it will not blow up!

To release the hydrogen as it’s needed you simply supply heat the tanks and hydrogen is released as needed.  Bob Lazar has converted a Corvette to run on this solar hydrogen hydride system.  The Corvette, converted to run on hydrogen has a 400 mile range with 4 small tanks in the back of the car.  Bob can then fully recharge the system overnight with his home hydrogen unit that is powered by solar energy.  So he drives the Corvette for free!

So why can’t we all start doing this?   Well, Bob says that the US Government has banned anybody from selling this hydride material!  The reason they give is that one of the materials used in the hydride is used in nuclear weapons!   This material is not radioactive or dangerous in any way but they still won’t let you buy it because it’s been restricted by the US Government!

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5 thoughts on “Free Energy Suppression – For Greed Power and Control – Covering Bob Lazar and Stan Meyer

  1. How funny. Bob just explained that water is hydrogen and oxygen and the interviewer says, “So what happens to the water”?

    Good to see Bob Lazar again. Wish he would talk more about the back engineering of UFO technology … but he won’t talk about that anymore.
    . . .

    1. Sometimes my mind tends to complicate the simple things too. It’s funny when that happens and I finally realize I’ve been over thinking things.
      . . .

  2. This puts a whole new spin on why the multi – national’s are trying to buy all of the water rights around the world they can. They may be holding this technology back until they have a firm grip on control of the supplies, then sell it back to us for the same price as gas now.

  3. Either you trash tech completely or we will all soon have free power sources excepting the construction materials no matter what they keep out of public purvey,the tech used against us will actually save the general populace unless say the nuke tech ect. put in play,otherwise,have high hope for the average person.Just look at all the home made stuff heating/electric supplying homes already,and news ideas/plans dumped on net daily.

  4. He wasn’t the only one.

    There was a guy in Colorado, and another one in Australia (can’t remember their names).

    Don’t know about the one in Colorado, but I do know that the Aussie was found dead on the train tracks. They claimed was riding the rails drunk.

    Only problem with that is that his best friend, who knew him all his life, said the man never touched a drop.


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