Free Enterprise and Capitalism

The mainstream propaganda machine, representing the false right of the one party system, has come out in defense of Bain Capital in specific and capitalism in general, saying that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital was and is in the business of propping up and saving US companies to the benefit to all involved.

Under CEO Mitt Romney, Bain saw 50% to 80% gains and apparently the stock holders loved him….not so much so those who lost their jobs, as Bain Capital, in “propping up companies” dismantled factories, shipped them to China, reassembled them, and manned them with slave labor.  This discrepancy in the cost of American free labor and Chinese slave labor is in reality where the annual gains for stock holders come from.  And apparently these actions cannot be criticized as they are labeled “capitalism” (capitalizing on slave labor) and any criticism of capitalism is labeled “socialism”.

The United States is supposed to operate through a free enterprise system.  Is this capitalism?  Well to a degree.  If we were minting our own money and using that capital to facilitate a free enterprise system, this capitalism would be just and beneficial to all.  But that is not what is happening here.

The capital that is being used in the United States is the fiat product of a foreign bank (the Federal Reserve).  This currency cannot be used to discharge debt through free enterprise.  The fiat dollar can only be used to transfer debt, thus as capital, the only enterprise that can be accomplished is the buying and selling of debt, which does not involve the creation of any product.

When wealth is created without the creation of the product, it can only be considered a transfer of wealth through currency manipulation and this is what has occurred throughout the United States.  The wealth created through free enterprise, hence working to create a product, is captured through the buying and selling of the debt currency used to move the resources into place, manufacture, then ship them.

Every day on Wall Street, the CEOs of international corporations buy and sell the debt created through the month to month operation of business.  Every time the debt is sold and bought, a commission is charged which transfers real wealth from the creator of the product to the money manipulator, who has done nothing but exchange paper with a friend of his who will again exchange that paper for a profit next week.

This is the way of the Bolsheviks.  They tear down a country by destroying the producers.  Once there is no more production, starvation comes into being.  Then the socialists offer the solution in tearing down capitalism, which in truth is the problem by definition.  Using hard currency/capital creates real wealth for both the entrepreneur and the capitalist.  However, using fiat currency as capital destroys free enterprise and redistributes true capital.

Dr. Paul understands this concept in its simplicity.  Either the rest of us are going to have to force the issue or this capitalist system built on the fiat lie will implode and on this day we will realize that there is more than one kind of capital, hence more than one kind of capitalism, one that creates and one that destroys.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Free Enterprise and Capitalism

  1. Actually, what is destroying civilization is usury. Debt is created but the money to pay the interest on the debt is never created. In order to meet payment obligations, borrowers must refinance repeatedly.

    Rich families rule by compound interest while poor families face generations of debt. Nations are a lot like big, poor families.

    Backing money with gold does nothing to solve the horrors we face.

  2. All -isms have One major thing in common, the “need” for a “responsible” and well “educated” elite, and preferebly from finnance, and thats because they are rich.

    Hehe, all this is not Democracy, never was, never will be.
    Direkt democracy, thru a asembly of commoners, to vote, like old Alting In Iceland.
    Capitalsim is sufferning under the same ilution, like why is a CDO organiced, not a commie, but when I do it, I am a commie, how the fu.. is that possible, NOT to se, what I define as Idiot Logic.
    We do exactly the same.

    Thats where the absolutly irrational paranoia about Unions, they lost them self in politics, instead of ceaping the real power, thru the society and work.
    Unions are non poltical in essence, and thereby constitutionaly angleded and suportive, just to grasp all its members, regarding race, color, sex or creed.

    Headace, hehe


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