15 thoughts on “FreedomConvoy USA “We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!” T. Lindsay

    1. Hey brother, our minds crossed. 🙂

      I’m gonna torture myself and listen to all of it, maybe just so I could tear into her a bit more. 🙂


  1. Here’s that attorney who spoke this here a few weeks ago. In the first two minutes she actually PRAISES the 14th Amendment as GUARANTEEING due process and equal protection under the law. Arrrrgh!!!!!!!!


    1. And oh yeah, empower “the states,” and listen to The Declaration of Independence, and don’t forget, we’re “citizens” (aka, slaves).


    2. Okay, she uses “illegal” instead of “unlawful.” And in the midst of the misfires, some genuine power points, but ain’t that frequently how it works? And I didn’t quite get her point on circumcision. Attorney is as attorney does.


  2. THIS right here folks is controlled opposition propaganda at it’s “finest” & look at everyone lapping it up in the crowd & in the Youtube comments. This is exactly what they’ve been doing every time the people start to “get uppity” & think they’re “taking back freedom” – steering them right back into more slavery. If this doesn’t show you just how ignorant & gullible the average sheeple is out there – just woo them by chucking in a few trigger words with all your pro-oppressor BS – then I don’t what will. F*ck this aunty Tom lawyer biatch! By all the words, betrayal & blatantly evil deception she’s using she deserves to be at the very front of the traitor queue when it is led to COMMON LAW trial because she knows exactly what she’s doing!!!

  3. Under the 14th Ammendment…. OUCH! Doctrine of the lesser magistrate? Never heard ot that until now! Citizens… We, the People? Constitution? Citizens… citizens… still waiting for her to mention the Bill of Rights…. as a Magistrate… 9th Ammendment…. still waiting for her to mention the Bill of Rights. Former educator who apparently never taught the Bill of Rights. Still waiting………………… level the system. HOW? Re-write the Constitution, huh? Still waiting for her to mention the Bill of Rights. Revolt. Informed? She ain’t informed. Still waiting for her to mention the Bill of Rights. Waiting……………. love ’em from a distance…. My God says…… still waiting for her to mention the Bill of Rights. We are MAGISTRATE! That is a good 5 minutes we will never get back. Not once, did she mention the absolute, supreme, superior Law of We, the People, the Bill of Rights, 1791! What a waste of space and noise! Almost as wasteful as us Canucks honking our horns!

  4. To get sense of what it is like at the border on the Canadian side, this report gives a good view and commentary of what it looks like. I saw some footage of the American side as well. Very quiet and peaceful on the American side on Fort Street, with people in parked cars scattered along the curb down the street. This is what it was like before the NWO pig dogs came out to get us, on the Canadian side.

    One other interesting detail. What do you hear? Seems pretty quiet out there, to me. Not the constant horn blowing reported in the propaganda media. And… I saw a piece of garbage on the road! Litter bug!


  5. You word twisting communist p.o.s. whore! And l insult shit when i say that you are a p.o.s. This is controlled opposition. In your face, in real time. This bitch needs to be taken out back shot like a rabid f$%ken animal. Here bitch, l hope you are reading this, “subject to” as is written in that unlawful 14th ammendment you keep extolling means you are a f@#ken slave, (including youself dumbf#$k) and belong to someone else as property. How dare you stand there and promote slavery because that is exactly what you are doing you fork, tongue twisting communist cunt!!!!! F!@ken die! I want you dead!

  6. And in other news. Here is the first time l have heard mention the 9th and 10th articles of our beloved, sacred B.o.R.’s on something that resembles a form of internet media, The Trenches, excepted of course. What does this tell me? Well,what Henry has been saying all along, that that mother loving B.o.R.’s is gaining traction. The word must be getting out. It has to be because why else would they send some control opposition cunt whore to be a spokesman (yeah l called her a man, f u if you dont like it!) to MISREPRESENT our supreme, superior, ratified by we the people LAW of December 15, 1791? Huh? Because that motherfu@#$er could never die and now they are scrambling and shii#%%ng their pants because our law has risen from that hole they have unsuccessfully tried to bury it in to come and set things straight! They KNOW they have done wrong and are going to f’ng hang! Yeah bitch, you should be real f’n scared. The harder they try and bury that ratified law the closer they come to a rope. We got you on camera bitch, promoting f’ng slavery! That is motherfu@#ng treason cunt! You are dead!

      1. Give um a shovel in the middle of the desert!!! YOUR going to need about six feet of dirt for the nap and to cover the tracks!!!!! SAWED OFF!!!! HOT LEAD!!!!!!!!!!

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