French Islamophobes Fake Attack on Newspaper – Total Hoax

French Islamophobes Fake Attack on Newspaper – Total HoaxNoDisInfo

Regarding the Islamophobic arch-fake Paris masked men attack on the spoof newspaper Charlie Hebdo where is Inspector Clouseau when you need him? In fact, he isn’t needed here at all. There are Inspector Clouseau clones to be seen in virtually every image. The greatest “Clouseau-like” characters of all are the phony masked gunman themselves, mere agents of the French Secret Services aka the Mossad:  

ANNE GELBARDANNE GELBARD/AFP/Getty Images (aka the arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal) Armed gunmen face police officers near the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris.


Sure they did, Clouseau and the whole crew, they faced them off with their pea shooters against all those long weapons. Yet, what was it, was it two gunmen and a third, or two heavily armed men plus a get-away-man? Carlie Hebdo, that arch-Zionist operation, is constantly in the news as a means to fake Islamic intolerance. How useless was that cop or cops in that vehicle. How did these ‘gunmen’ get around so much in heavily militarized Paris?

‘Hey, Chief Inspector,’ don’t be afraid of those dark-clad ‘terrorists,’ get out there with your pea-shooter and confront them.’

parisarmedgunmanhoax22Here they are again, the same two Mossad moles, faking it as if they are shooting a man on the street. How about showing the man getting shot to death with all the arterial spurt flowing? They can do that in Hollywood. Why not, here?

Or, is he a police officer under the anti-terror division: Paris police confirm 2 officers killed in Newspaper shootings – @NBCNews

Confirm is a big word. Can the French prove that two such officers were actually gunned down and killed?

Oh, but they killed people, wounding others. Sure they did. Moreover, there is plenty of evidence for it, too:

parisfaketerroristattack2Those are awfully powerful weapons. See any blood anywhere? He’s number two; is t hat number two of four, that is the four fake wounded, or number two of 12, that is the 12 fake dead?paristerroristattackhoaxfakewounded

Does anyone seem to be in a crisis mode, anywhere?

Here it is, the gunnery vehicle, the one with the two doors open constantly:

It’s obviously staged. Who would realize otherwise?

Charlie Hebdo shooting puts France ‘in a state of shock’

PARIS • Masked gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar!” stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper Wednesday, killing 12 people before escaping. It was France’s deadliest terror attack in at least two decades.

Sure they did, they took the time to scream it through their masks. They waltzed into the building, right through security, and gunned a number of people down, then made their escape without anyone noticing how they did it.

There might have been a bit of tempura paint used on this crisis actors fake bandage; hard to tell. Look at the hoaxer doing the fake inspection, as if he cares.

The Zionists need the arch-distraction. Things are not going well.

What is this all about? Regardless, he is some kind of signaling mole. Watch for them. There are a number of them in this hoax, in buildings, on the ground, and on the roofs.


Honestly, where is Mr. Clouseau when you need him. At least he’d make a joke out of it.

These hoaxers are far more secretive than the Chief Inspector; they have a variety of bizarre means of communication, so no one can realize what is going on:


It is this man who is of interest; he seems to offer a kind of smirk when speaking to his associate. Notice the camera-man in the background.


There he is again, Clouseau’s second in command, peeping out of his corner to check out the situation. Watch what he does next:


Sneaky, isn’t he, as he hides and then takes a long down the lane:


He gives the signal. Is the President now ready to roll on the scene? Talk about a furtive glance:

Moreover, here they are, the servants of Zionism, all doing their dastardly deeds:

This is absolutely a hoax. By no means did anyone die. Nor was anyone injured, all of which is glaringly obvious from the imagery. It’s three hoaxes simultaneously, Istanbul, El Paso, and Paris. It’s all an-arch Zionist plot. There is nothing real about it. This calls for a careful inspection of all claims of any attacks against that arch-Islamophobic entity, so-called Charlie Hebdo.

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9 thoughts on “French Islamophobes Fake Attack on Newspaper – Total Hoax

  1. Of course it is a hoax…………they are desparate to stir the pot….. I wonder how many people even pay attention to this horsesh#t anymore….anytime I hear about mass shootings I just take it for granted it’s the CIA/Mossad/FBI …..the plots are all the same, the actors look bored…aren’t we all bored by them?
    Oh – and evidently these Islamic shooters all spoke perfect French…….

  2. ” Seven law enforcement officers involved suffered hernias from laughing too hard”! My concern is the old adage they use, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” So what are they “sneaking under the radar” right now while everyone’s hypnotized on Paris?

    1. Just think if Joe citizen was allowed a firearm. Those hired “Black Ops” pulled it off because France is a “Gun Free” Zone except for Terrorists and police. That is, if it wasn’t all scripted for dramatic effect. CNN is projectile vomiting the story with a little “bleep” about the sole survivor 7 year old. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Grandma was fending off the Indians in hand to hand combat!

    2. So much for a “gun free” zone. So much for gun control. Glad we have that UN Small Arms Treaty to save us. Yea, having no guns definitely makes us all safer. (sarcasm) 🙄


  3. A supposed shooting has just happened and an investigation is going on and all FOX News can do (as shown in the clip in the article) is take video footage of the French version of FAT BASTARD doing what looks like the Dr. Evil hand signal as he dances back and forth across the screen.

    HOW THE F**K is that ANY kind of good media coverage from what the elite want us to think is their “omni-scient/omni-present” MSM? It’s like watching a cartoon character pacing back and forth.

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