From the Trenches Wants to Expand Communications

Micro-Broadcast is a significant link in our patriot communications.  With the addition of our broadcast, The Word From the Trenches, we are now reaching many more of our fellow Americans.  Micro-broadcasting networks are now an alternate information source all across our nation.  Thus we at From the Trenches World Report desire to put up a micro-broadcast at our home venue.  This will allow not only our message of resistance to reach out to more potential patriots, but also other patriotic programming which we will be broadcasting.

We are up against the mainstream propaganda machine, and like those who control it, it is power through wealth, whereas micro-broadcast represents power through numbers.

That being said, we are asking our friends and neighbors and all those who support what we are doing here to contribute whatever they can afford to help us bring our KMNT FM Patriot Broadcast up and online.  We will do the work if you will help us get the equipment.

To donate go to the ChipIn Button to the right.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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