Fukushima, A Possible Life Extinction Event That Won’t Go Away

Global Radiation July 14, 2013Northeast Intelligence Network – by Mitch Santell

You will find in this posting a recent global map that was provided to us by Rose Paige who is the Founder of The Con Trail. This social network headquartered in the South Island of New Zealand has over 1,400 members all over the globe. Underneath the picture is a direct link to Rose’s interview.

You will learn about The Christ Church Earthquake, The Radiation from Fukushima, the increase in New Zealand’s debt from 5 Billion Dollars five years ago to 78 Billion dollars today. Discussion of the American Oil company Anadarko drilling in the South Island of New Zealand. Full disclosure that Anadarko is using a brand new “un-tested” drill bit that is causing all kinds of problems with the  South Island and hurting the people, the animals and the environment there.  

Here is a link to the interview:


Here is a link to The Con Trail:


As always we suggest that you do your own research. In addition do an internet search for the phrase “Fukushima Radiation.”


4 thoughts on “Fukushima, A Possible Life Extinction Event That Won’t Go Away

  1. Makes you feel like a real winner while your paying your taxes, doesn’t it? Anybody who is planning on having kids or starting a new family is nuts. This will kill them off for sure if nothing else does…. The young and old are the most at danger from this NWO BS.

    Were all dead men walking to some degree now..

    1. it’s certainly a depressing development, but there is hope for people who get on a cancer-preventative diet and stay there. And these are forecasts, which may or may not come to pass.

      Fukashima was caused by Stuxnet, and Stuxnet was created in Israel, so you can thank the Jews once again.

      1. Chem-trails, radiation, GMO, water contaminated by fracking, oil rigs exploding in the gulf now on a yearly basis……..Having to rely on herbal remedies because medical insurance is now impossible to get, while only ex-presidents who have bilked america out of 99% of it’s wealth get top medical care for free

        Commies trying to kill us all off…

        Keep that action well oiled with plenty of spare parts and ammo is my new mantra….

        Keep a stiff upper lip right?………

      2. I begin to wonder if the primary task for the ‘jews’, directed by hell, is to exterminate the entire human race.

        If one believes the bible narrative, lucifer is cast down and is the master of this world. His revenge could be to use mankind to destroy itself by way of deception.


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