Fukushima and the Future Nightmare

The Japanese government announced Friday that cold shutdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been achieved and that there is no longer substantial leakage of radiation coming from the plant.  From the onslaught of Fukushima the Japanese government has put forth lies with a total lack of consideration for their ramifications.

The Japanese government says that the leakage is no longer substantial.  What is this measurement “substantial”, especially when being put forth by a government that has raised the safe level of radiation over and over again in an attempt to minimize the situation?  This is also the same government that had radiated water from Fukushima pumped into tanker ships, taken out, and dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

Considering the enormous liability issues, not only to the Japanese people, but indeed to the peoples around the world, to believe any assertions being put forth by the Japanese government would seem naïve.

The nuclear industry represents trillions of dollars worldwide and fortunately for them and unfortunately for the rest of the people in the world, they are the ones in control of all information involving nuclear power and regulation.  There are at present 16 reactors under construction in 14 countries around the world.  The way these elitists look at the situation, the damage from Fukushima is and will continue to be, a fait accompli.

TEPCO Inc., the owners of Fukushima, intends to limit the liability for their gross negligence as much as possible.

Look at Agent Orange which was sprayed on US troops in Viet Nam.  It slowly killed many of our soldiers.  But through the withholding of material facts and deliberate lies, the liability of the companies that made Agent Orange and the US government that sprayed it on our troops, in covering up and through a war of attrition paid little out for the harm they caused.  Many victims simply died before their cases could be proved.  And make no mistake, the United States government and the makers of Agent Orange knew what that chemical would do to human beings.   The cost for their liability was just figured in the overhead.

This is the value the people who are now covering up the truth of Fukushima put on human life.

There is a large debris field from the Japanese tsunami that is scheduled to reach our beaches in the near future.  We are talking cars, houses, and every other kind of debris you can imagine.  Though this debris, in being a part of the tsunami might not be radiated, the waters coming in on the current behind it must surely be.

It is truly remarkable to see how the issue of Fukushima has been pushed aside.  It is now talked about in the mainstream media like it happened ten years ago rather than nine months.  If it were not for the economic crisis in the United States, I believe Fukushima could not have been pushed from front and center.  Indeed if we the people were living in good times the radiation coming to us on air and ocean currents would be front and center and important to the extreme.

I believe this plant is still pumping out death at a rate that would scare the hell out of us if we knew the truth.  I know the radiation must be spread throughout the Pacific Ocean in riding on the currents.  And I have to believe that considering the fact that birds eat fish and carnivorous animals eat birds, both of which defecate in the waters and on the land, the radiation to a degree must literally be everywhere.

But then again, like I said, I guess it is a little hard to worry about radiation that will only start killing in ten or fifteen years when the prospect of starving to death in the cold is the reality of the day.

Fukushima is just too big to be shoved to the back burner.  No matter the difficulties we are facing today, ignoring Fukushima is a big mistake that we very well may not live to regret.

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  1. Why does TEPCO and the Japanese Gov’t want to declare it’s Fukushima disaster Stable and more importantly, what do they hope to accomplish by doing it now; Is it a trail balloon?

    A. If the people “swallow” this Nuclear Baloney (NB) then TEPCO and their other Gov’t Leaders get to keep their jobs and march onward toward a nuclear future while the Nuclear refugees are “encouraged” to return to their Fukushima homes; letting history be the judge of whether or not this was the RIGHT decision.

    B. The people of Japan reject the concept of a “cold shut down” in which case TEPCO, in time, gets nationalized and Japan develops a 20 year plan to replace it’s reactors with solar of all flavors!

    C. The people of Japan are insulted by what TEPCO and their Gov’t is saying and take to the streets to DEMAND immediate change. TEPCO and their Government overseers are both swept away in order to placate the people of Japan. The Nuclear Refugees get settlements and the area around Fukushima is closed to all but scientific personal for the foreseeable future. Japan’s PM pledges to “race” Germany toward New Japanese developed Solar and being Nuclear within FIVE years…

    The Japanese people are now at a cross roads that will define both their future,their children’s future and possibly the future of Nuclear Power on Earth!

    What will they now do:
    …Bow to TEPCO?
    …Accept their Leaders vow to do better?
    …Or Demand much less Nuclear ASAP?

    This is a decision that only the Japanese People can make;
    … I hope they make US proud of them!

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