Fukushima – Mainstream Media Genocide

As the critical matter from the reactors of Fukushima continues to burn into the surface of the earth, contaminating ground water and sea water and moving ever closer to a hydrovolcanic explosion, the proverbial China Syndrome, the catastrophe that Fukushima represents remains virtually removed in the US mainstream media.  The fact is Fukushima is more a disaster with every passing day.

Many cancer patients within the United States are being denied medication reportedly as a result of shortage, the cause of which none seem able to explain.  Do you think it could be possible that Fukushima and the shortage of cancer medications in the US could be linked?  Do you think that if the United States had a real media that there just might be investigative reporters tracking Fukushima and its affects which are growing greater day by day?

Could it be possible that the spread of radiation and the calls for an end to nuclear power plants around the world are being deliberately removed from the media in the US to protect a trillion dollar industry that enriches the few to the gross detriment of the many?

The sway the media still has over the ignorant, who cannot see it for what it is, must surely be considered a phenomena which will go down in the annuls of history as another dark age.  If you step back and look at the situation you must admit that a campaign of drug induced brain washing has and is being implemented upon the people of the US en mass.

The media reports that massive crowds will descend on stores on Black Friday and on that day the people accumulate in hordes, trampling one another to make the pronouncement a reality.  Today is Cyber Monday as decreed by the mainstream media, which has predicted that record numbers of us will propel ourselves further in debt to buy Chinese gadgets to further destroy our own economy, and the brainwashed population will make this contention a reality.

The radiation from Fukushima has spread around the world and is now concentrating but it does not matter because the mainstream media is not affirming this reality.  But just as sure as those credit card bills from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are inevitable, so are the effects of the radiation.

Mind over matter, if the media doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  And if the media can keep our minds occupied right up to the point that the cancers take our final breath, they will have succeeded in fulfilling the duties of their occupation, which is to control the herds as they are led to the slaughter.

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  1. Rachel, I’m glad you are still keeping on top of the situation in Japan, because nobody else seems to give a shit. God Bless you, Ma’am.

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