A Full-blown Civil War Appears To Be Materializing: “Nobody Will Be Able To Retreat To A Neutral Corner

SHTF Plan – by Jeremiah Johnson

At the rate things are going, a full-blown civil war appears to be materializing.  Colin Kaepernick began it all with “taking a knee” in protest of the National Anthem.  Fast-forward one year later, and read this, released by Yahoo Sports for just how far it has gone:

“The Colin Kaepernick story has gotten seemingly endless attention because its reach goes far beyond football.

A pretty good reminder of that came Saturday afternoon in New York City, which is far removed from Kaepernick’s former NFL home of San Francisco. At a rally in Brooklyn, dozens of current and former New York police officers wore shirts that said “#WeStandWithKap” and at the end of the rally they took a knee and raised their fist, according to the New York Daily News.

Kaepernick became a household name when he took a knee for the national anthem last season to bring attention to racial injustice, including police brutality. It also appears to be one reason he has not been signed by any NFL team this offseason.

The police officers noted to the Daily News that they were speaking out against their belief that NFL teams aren’t signing Kaepernick as punishment for his protest.

“What Colin Kaepernick did is try to bring awareness that this nation unfortunately has ignored for far too long,” said NYPD Sgt. Edwin Raymond, an organizer of the rally, according to the Daily News. “And that’s the issue of racism in America and policing in America. We decided to gather here today because of the way he’s being railroaded for speaking the obvious truth.”

So, now the New York City Police Department weighs in on this.  They claim Kaepernick is being “railroaded,” eh?  Funny: He didn’t do it the year he went to the Super Bowl with the 49ers and a billion people were watching.  He didn’t stand for anything then, and he stands for nothing now.  That flag and that anthem represent something…and many died to keep the nation flying that flag and playing that anthem intact.  The sad irony of rights under the Constitution is that Kaepernick has the right to protest…a right that was enabled for him to exercise by his betters.  Look up the pictures of him and his buddies holding up automatic rifles, standing for nothing except themselves: perfect symbols of a decayed society and a dying empire.

The country is committing suicide as we speak.  The push for revision and redaction in all the history books has been on for some time.  Now we’re seeing actual mobs of demonstrators surrounding these historical statues.  The push is on.  On August 19, demonstrators in Detroit gathered to protest and demand removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus.  In all the major cities, the push to remove these statues along with protests continues.

It’s not going to stop here.  Now that Bannon is gone, a letter was sent to the President by more than a dozen conservative groups asking for him to not move toward a more moderate stance.  Indeed, over the weekend he “Tweeted” the Boston Police Department commending them on the way they handled the protests there.  The President has also adopted this “wishy-washy” stance of “we all need to heal the wounds” in the U.S., as if any of these protests had any relevance to any injustices happening today.

Seriously, this is all out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Go back and review the Glenn Beck programs of 2012-2014…when he presented some very good information on the Weather Underground (particularly Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers), as well as Cloward and Piven, and all the “outstanding” work by Van Jones to topple the system.  I’m not a personal fan of Beck’s, but back then he used to have very comprehensive layouts that were easily referenced and noted that concerned these Marxists and Communists marching under the banner and guise of “social justice.”  All that stuff that Van Jones had planned back then, with funding from Acorn and George Soros…it is manifesting itself here and now.

There is a civil war coming, as it is the domestic initiative that must be pursued to bring the United States down to the canvas…rendering her ineffective when the foreign initiative…an attack comes…to give the final count.  In both battles, nobody will be able to retreat to a neutral corner.  If the U.S. stays intact, then the NWO loses, and vice-versa.  These protestors (paid and genuine) are but a sampling of the platter to be served…a buffet right out of Pandora’s box.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

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7 thoughts on “A Full-blown Civil War Appears To Be Materializing: “Nobody Will Be Able To Retreat To A Neutral Corner

  1. Again, this would be a war based on lies, pure fantasy. White people are killed far more often by pigs than any other race. Just because there are more white people to kill than blacks, does not give black people the right to say it is racist. It is not about portions it is about human lives. The real war needs to be free people against government. Until a society exists without any and all government, men will never be free.

    1. Exactly! Why Johnson is saying civil war is beyond me because I’ve read some of his work and he “seems” fairly intelligent.

      Imo, folks need to stop giving this a “civil war” name because anyone that knows about that war knows the North provoked it against freemen, period. These free men stood up and defended their freeman rights.

      The American Naionals war against govt. is what I’ll call it.

      I’m not fighting nor assisting in a “civil war.”

  2. I can’t find the meme of Forest Gump saying, ” Next thing you know, everybody hated statues.”
    Funniest damn thing, statues.
    There will only be civil war if the civilians allow it. If we resist the manipulations of our psyche, the civilians will win a pre-emptive war.
    I ain’t buyin’ any of their crap!!

  3. So are the alt-whatever media bringing up all this civil war crap because that’s what they want, or what? As for a “neutral corner,” I’d like to see Antifa, BLM, or even the KKK come out here to my neck of the woods and “un-neutralize” the rural remote, where everyone owns guns, chain saws, weed whackers, axes, mauls, bows and arrows, has a year’s worth of food and their own water wells and most have gardens and/or chickens-ducks-goats, etc., and where the watch of the day is “watch out for mountains lions or bears, whichever comes at you first.” Because there ain’t enough Antifa/BLM/KKK/whatever to tame this part of the west.

  4. This is gr8t news.

    Because.., un civil wars materializing…

    Well… they’re just not as fun when it comes to killin pee pole.

  5. “… many died to keep the nation flying that flag and playing that anthem intact.”

    No, many died to the enrich the stinking jews.

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