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Full Self-Driving

Published on Apr 22, 2019

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8 Responses to Full Self-Driving

  1. mary in TX says:

    yikes……………no thanks

  2. Mark Schumacher says:

    No traffic or heavy congestion, perfect for showing a car that can kill you. What happens in heavy fog or rain when a car or commercial truck slams on the brakes. Or when on ice???

    These cars are soooooo far from safe it’s insane to take your hands off the wheel.

  3. H D says:

    Fog and rain plays with gps in an out what happen then

  4. Sunfire says:

    Clear sunny day and light traffic. What happens in rain, snow or ice? What happens when the lines on the road are faded away? What happens when a stop sign is missing or traffic lights are out? No thanks, I’ll stick with driving the car myself.

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The perfect ride.

    For flaming faggots.

  6. 'ol stewbum says:

    I was expecting the scene to erupt in flames, then I noticed the logo in the corner. 😉
    This has to be one of the dumbest ideas they ever us told we want.
    Think they heard that?
    Me neither…

  7. Enemy of the State says:

    How do i know that the entire video wasn’t CGI?

    or even video taken in another car driven by a person , than transposed this vehicle view out the windshield of this car?

    still I dont care, yer not getting me in one

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      You’ll need sensors in the road hard wired in to make this fantasy land bullshit work anywhere near safe. Each car is going to have to talk to each other, your going to need air traffic control for cars, just like IFR rules in airplanes.

      The whole goddamded road system is going to have to be rebuilt.

      Fantasyland idiocy nowhere near safe now, complete lunacy.

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