‘Funeral home’ ad spreads message for the unvaccinated


The truck had the name of a funeral home on it. But instead of a soothing thought that might double as a company slogan, the message on the side read: “Don’t get vaccinated.”

The black truck advertising for “Wilmore Funeral Home” delivered that blunt and unexpected message on Sunday to football fans in downtown Charlotte as they headed to watch the Carolina Panthers play the New Orleans Saints.

Many employers and public health officials are searching for ways to get more people vaccinated against Covid-19, using everything from money and free food to even lavish vacations and VIP Super Bowl tickets. The fully vaccinated account for just 54.7% of the total US population.

One Charlotte ad agency, however, decided to ditch traditional marketing strategies and take matters into their own hands.

But here’s the catch.

There is no “Wilmore Funeral Home” and visiting its website takes you to a landing page instructing visitors to do the opposite of what’s written on the truck.

See the pic and read the rest here: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/21/us/covid-vaccine-billboard-funeral-home-ad-agency-trnd/index.html

2 thoughts on “‘Funeral home’ ad spreads message for the unvaccinated

  1. It should say, “Don’t get vaccinated unless you want to end up in one of our hearses.”
    The desperation of these losers shines like a new penny.

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