Furious motorist tries to single-handedly fight BLM protesters blocking traffic in Texas


A Black Lives Matter protest in Texas resulted in a heated confrontation between a frustrated driver and a group of demonstrators blocking a road, with video of the dramatic encounter spreading across social media.

Activists in Plano, a city about 20 miles (32.2 km) north of Dallas, marched through the streets on Sunday to raise awareness about the death of Marvin Scott III. The 26-year-old black man died while in police custody at a county jail in March. Seven officers were fired and one resigned over the incident, which was ruled a homicide in April.

In a now-viral video, demonstrators are seen blocking an intersection as they shout “Black Lives Matter” and wave signs reading “stop killing us” and other slogans. A large column of automobiles can be seen forming as motorists wait for the road to clear. Suddenly, a large man wearing sunglasses weaves between the stopped cars and heads straight towards the protesters.

Get the f**k out of my way!” he shouts at a hooded demonstrator who tried to block his path.

The man then turns to a police officer who is observing the situation at the side of the road.

“Get these f**king people out of the way. Get them out of here!” he yells at the cop. The officer’s response is inaudible amid the yelling, sirens and honking horns.

The angry motorist then redirects his anger at the demonstrators, appearing to knock a cellphone from the hand of a female protester who was filming the incident.

At this point, it appears that one of the activists draws a handgun. The weapon is quickly lowered, however, after a fellow demonstrator intervenes. Apparently not intimidated, the man in the sunglasses raises his fist to the shouting crowd gathering around him, yelling: “Come on! You want some?”

A man wearing a “legal observer” T-shirt then steps between the man and the demonstrators, before backing off. Finally, the police officer leads the fuming motorist away.

The man then points at several protesters, calling them “a**holes” before walking back to his car.

The confrontation seems to have split social media. Some condemned the man for exhibiting “white privilege” and criticized police for not being more forceful with him.

A local activist who spoke with the media said the unidentified motorist would have been treated differently by the cop had he been a “person of color.”

But others seemed to view the incident as proof that BLM demonstrators enjoy near impunity.

“Black Lives Matter does whatever it wants. It owns the streets, even in Texas,” commented conservative pundit Ian Miles Cheong. He noted with dismay that judging from the video, some of the blocked motorists seemed to side with the demonstrators.

Commenters railed against the tactic of blocking traffic, describing it as “basically holding people hostage.” Others said it’s hard to believe that such a strategy would garner support for their cause.


7 thoughts on “Furious motorist tries to single-handedly fight BLM protesters blocking traffic in Texas

  1. This is all a set up… one fkn pig tiny little dick cop… and he pushes the guy away while letting the BLMrs continue pursuing him..

    That said, this is all being allowed because they know at some point someone or a few someone’s are gonna get out of their vehicles and ice every one of these fkn commie retard useful idiots..! (Now that would be a great video)

  2. If there was such a thing as “white privilege ” those black commie blm’s would’ve been drawn on and arrested for brandishing a lethal weapon on an unarmed man, wouldn’t they?

    The only privileged afforded here is to the commies by the commies.

    Pigs are clearly under orders to not intervene against these alphabet useless idiots.

  3. I guess those people stuck sitting there on the road have no rights, no wait, they do! F*** BLM! Start blowing these Communist/Marxist motherf***ers away! If the Blackwater gestapo thugs are afraid to do anything against BLM, how much less will they do anything against armed American Nationals that outnumber them thousands to one!

  4. It’ll hit the fan at the appropriate time. It won’t be fighting over a traffic jam.

  5. Wow this is only a few miles from where I live.


    Where the f#$k are the cops? This is disgusting? And you got stupid white people in their cars telling him to get back and not fight. What happened to don’t mess with Texas? This guy is the only true Texan there with balls and telling the cop to do his job. Those assholes are clearly blocking traffic and causing a disturbance on the road and should be ticketed and arrested. Obstruction of justice right there.

    If a group of white people did this, then they would be assaulted and arrested with swat and the whole force, but when it’s blacks and stupid trashy white women who have nothing to do with their lives, then it’s ok?

    WTF?!!!!! Looks like Portland has come to Plano. And the f#ckers clearly pointed a gun at him and the cop does nothing. Yet if a white person does it and it’s all over.

    White privilege, my ass! Do you see white people acting like cowards blocking the highways and shit? Hell, no! So who’s more privileged right now?

    This F#$king pisses me off!!!!

    George Soros probably shipped the bastards in.

  6. I know this area. It’s off of highway 121 as you can see in the video. Preston rd and highway 121. Border of Frisco and Plano TX. Big commercial area.

    The bastards are there every weekend starting shit.

  7. I never see any of this shit, im all over the place. Didnt see any big trucks anywhere, I guess they got these locations figured.

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