480px-Keith_B._Alexander_official_portraitAlexander also attended the 2009 Bilederberg Conference and shortly afterwards, was named the head of the newly formed US Cyber Command.

Extremism Online – by JB Campbell

That’s what the military calls intelligence.  Although it purports to be a civilian rather than a military organization, the NSA is in the business of G-2, collecting information for the military.  The NSA director is always a general or an admiral.  My first glimpse of the military nature of the NSA was learning that the USS Liberty was under the control of the NSA rather than the US Navy.  The NSA director in 1967 was a three-star general named Marshall Carter.  You probably never heard of him.  

The current director is Keith Alexander, who is also currently a four-star general in the US Army.  Alexander is a professional liar who said this:  “While I can’t go into all the details on the Utah Data Center, we don’t hold data on U.S. citizens.”  He also said this:  “Those who would want to weave the story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people, is absolutely false…From my perspective, this is absolute nonsense.”

Alexander, back in the days of shock and awe against Iraq, was a two-star general and the deputy chief of staff for intelligence.  As such, he was in charge of the army torture center known as Abu Ghraib prison.  Somehow out of that hideous nightmare he obtained two more stars and the most powerful position in the US government.  His torturers were lightly punished and he was promoted to Big Brother.  Everyone in government is afraid of him because he’s got all phone calls and emails at his disposal.  He knows everyone’s secrets.  He’s J. Edgar Hoover on steroids.  I’m not saying he’s a queen, but Kay Grigg’s marine colonel husband told her that the top staff officers have all experienced intimate male bonding.

Alexander’s cohort, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, is also a seasoned professional liar.  When Senator Wyden asked him if the NSA collects any kind of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans, Clapper answered, “No.”  Edward Snowden soon revealed that Clapper, and Alexander, had committed criminal felony perjury.  Clapper’s a retired three-star general from the Air Force.  As DNI, he would presumably be in charge of all the Abu Ghraibs – the FEMA concentration camps – around the country that are awaiting the arrival of those of us who fail to kill those who will attempt to round us up.

Are we getting the picture?  When Keith Alexander was in charge of collecting data during Shock & Awe, he was also the lord of the Abu Ghraib torture center, among other “black sites.”  Today, ten years later, he’s in charge of collecting data on all of us.  Do we see where this is leading?  Those of us who have said or thought – I’ve got nothing to hide, let them look at me:  the thousands of people in Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and in CIA torture centers all around the world no doubt felt they had nothing to hide, either.  But that turned out to be irrelevant.  It turns out to be extremely lazy and irresponsible to say or think, I have nothing to hide – what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst that could happen is what did happen to Brandon Raub, and then what almost happened to him after that.  The worst that could happen is you could go to Guantanamo Bay prison for many years and get so desperate from the torture that you go on hunger strike to commit suicide, only to have a big rubber tube jammed through your nose all the way to your stomach, two or three times a day, with some vile substance poured down it to keep you alive for more torture.  Most of us have no idea what is the worst that could happen.

The purpose of G-2 is to use the gathered information – intelligence – to destroy the enemy.  That’s the only purpose of G-2.  That’s what the NSA is doing to us and has been doing to us for decades.  They’ve lied and lied and lied when asked about it.  They’re trying to lie their way out of Edward Snowden’s revelations about what they’ve been doing to us and others.  They want him to surrender so they can torture him the way they’ve been torturing Bradley Manning.  Then they want to kill him as an example to others who want to tell what they know about war crimes and treachery by our treacherous public employees.

Here’s the thing about what Keith Alexander has:  in order for the information to be used against us, we pretty much have to be arrested.  I realize the reader may have a hard time imagining being arrested for… what?  Most are thinking, arrested for what?  I haven’t done anything.

Does the reader really think Brandon Raub did anything?  Anything to justify being arrested without charges being filed, disappearing into the military psycho-prison system, being given a fifteen minute evaluation and then ordered to be taken away for a thirty-day evaluation?  And then, five days later, for a government shrink to tell him that he was going to “brainwash” him, that is, “medicate” him “forcibly?”  What exactly do we think the shrink meant by “brainwash?”  When we combine the three quoted words, it can only have meant one thing:  a chemical lobotomy.

And let us keep in mind that Brandon’s famous civil rights attorney, John Whitehead, learned during those five days that an average of twenty thousand Brandon Raubs are arrested each year in Virginia and disappear into the psychiatric prison system.  Some lucky ones get released in various mental conditions but most don’t.  Many just disappear, never to be heard from again.  We don’t know yet how many Brandon Raubs disappear in the other forty-nine states, but we didn’t know about Virginia, either.

Is it possible to overemphasize the story of Brandon Raub?  I don’t think so.  The mercifully short (thanks to John Whitehead) but terrifying ordeal of Brandon Raub is all we need to know about what’s going on and about our duty to fight and kill anyone and everyone involved in this horrifying conspiracy against us.  After all, it was on the very day that John Whitehead obtained a court order to release Brandon that the government shrink informed him that he was going to be “brainwashed.”  How lucky was that?  He probably escaped being strapped down and injected with thorazine and seroquel and then not knowing who the hell he was ever again.  And don’t forget – the Veterans Administration monsters had secretly transferred Brandon from his local Richmond VA to the Salem VA, three or four hours to the west, to make it harder for family and counsel to find him.

If the reader is not up to speed on Brandon Raub and is wondering what the hell he did to deserve what he got, let’s review…  Brandon was, last August, a 27-year-old ex-marine who had been to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat engineer.  He had and may still have a couple of small businesses in the Richmond area.  There was a report that he was considering re-enlisting in the USMC, but at the time of his disappearance he was a veteran.  Today we know that there is in this country no more dangerous a designation than to be a veteran.  The veteran is considered by the Jews to be Public Enemy Number 1.  For proof of this, I offer the statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein, author of the failed renewed ban on “assault weapons.”  Another senator, Cornyn, attempted to exempt veterans from Feinstein’s prohibition.  She responded:

“The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this. I think you have to – if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally, don’t have access to this kind of weapon.”

A guy – or gal – foolishly falls for Jewish propaganda and joins up.  He/she is sent to kill and be killed and somehow survives.  The Jews consider him/her to be a sucker for volunteering and when he/she comes home and gets out, the veteran is classified as a potential terrorist and a threat to national security.  National security is a euphemism for Jewish Rule.

No Jew, or Gentile for that matter, objected to this slander of veterans.  For a Gentile to object to someone named Feinstein could be a career destroyer.  But you would think that some Jew, somewhere, would, for the sake of appearances, say that she was way out of line.  It never happened.  From this we must conclude that Jews everywhere want veterans disarmed and were quite comfortable with Feinstein’s treacherous slander of them.  The military serves an important function for the Jews:  it controls what they consider to be “the fascistic element of society.”  Men.  Gentile men are the fascistic element of Jewish-controlled society.  The best thing to do with Gentile men is get them in the military where they can be kept under tight supervision.  If necessary, as it has been frequently since 1917, they can be sent to fight and kill and be killed by people the Jews want killed, which today is the Moslems.  In the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, it was Asians.  Before that it was Germans and Japanese.  It’s always somebody.  Pretty soon it will be us.

Feinstein’s slander didn’t apply to Brandon, because he didn’t have any guns.  But he’s still a fascist because he’s a man and not a Jew and one who has been trained in the military use of firearms.  The worst part is that he’d survived the killing fields created by the Jews and now had his eyes opened.  He had the temerity to express doubt about the Jewish legend of 9/11 and even suggested on Zucker-book that it was an inside job done by elements of the US government.  For this crime against the Jews he was sentenced to be arrested without charge and have his thought-process destroyed, presumably by a medical doctor who had sworn a holy oath to do no harm.

Is there a class of people to whom oaths, vows, pledges, promises, agreements and contracts mean nothing?  Well, yes, there is:  the Jews.  They’ve got their own special annual oath that exempts them from being honest, which is known as All Vows, or Kol Nidre.  As Casey Stengel used to say, you could look it up.

So there Brandon and his family were, barbequing in the backyard, shorts, no shirt, barefoot, when several cars roll up.  FBI, Secret Service, local cops – what we could call the secret police.   The secret police gangsters knocked on the door.  When Brandon answered it, the lead FBI said, “Brandon, we’re worried about you.”

“You are?  About what?”

“What you’ve been putting on Facebook.”

Brandon, no doubt surprised, naively entered into a discussion about his views for a few minutes, probably wondering desperately, Facebook?  The local cops grew impatient and knocked him down and handcuffed him.  Without being allowed to get dressed he was stuffed into a squad car.  The FBI leaned in the back window before he was driven away and said, “You’re not being arrested, Brandon – we’re just worried about you.”  Unbeknownst to his family, he was taken to the Richmond VA hospital, where all the psycho-fun started.  His mother immediately raised hell on Facebook, which came to the attention of other veterans.  These guys in turn approached the civil rights law firm, the Rutherford Institute owned by John Whitehead, and asked him to represent Brandon.  It took him a few days to find a judge who would sign an order to have Brandon released and, as noted, it arrived at the distant Salem VA psycho-prison just in time.

It seems that we Americans have a difficulty integrating what happened to him into our consciousness, into our realm of possibility.  A harmless young man with a good record of having served Jewish interests in both Iraq and Afghanistan was, first, cyber-spied upon by – the NSA – and found by this spy agency to be in violation of their rules of engagement, whatever they may be.  Then the NSA told the FBI to pick him up for… what?  For something, definitely.  Just pick him up.  Then the FBI tells the Secret Service to come along and to conceal the fact that this is the federal government at war with the American people, the FBI requests the local cops to do the dirty work.  That is, the local cops who have all been federalized and are just pretending to be local cops.  This used to be called an MJTF, or multi-jurisdictional task force, operation.  Today it probably started with an NSA directive to the feds at the Virginia Fusion Center at 7700 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, not far from Brandon’s house in Chesterfield.

So who’s in charge of this?  Who would have given the order for Brandon Raub to be picked up and given a chemical lobotomy for those harmless private thoughts and lyrics he posted on Facebook?

Hmm…  Well, who was in charge of Abu Ghraib, the most ghastly American torture center that we know about?  A cowardly, lying, four-star cyber-twerp named Keith Alexander, today the boss of the Nastiest Shithouse in America.  Let’s think about that for a while and come back to it.

So the object of G-2, intelligence, is G-3, operations.  Defeating the enemy in war.  The G-2 guys (NSA, military intelligence and others) gather intelligence on the enemy so it can be used to kill him.  Killing the enemy is G-3.  Edward Snowden has confirmed our suspicions that the NSA has been gathering intelligence on us, the enemy, so that at some point in the future the killers can use this intelligence to kill us.  As was pointed out recently, if Edward Snowden is accused by the NSA of espionage, and espionage is passing information to the enemy, then we’re the enemy because we’re the ones he told.  The government classifies (hides) the truth from us about everything because the government considers us the enemy.

That’s everyone in the government – no exception other than a handful of whistleblowers, who have demonstrated that there’s no future in blowing the whistle.

The purpose of the website is to say that this government of ours is and has always been a dictatorship, certainly in the lifetime of anyone now alive.  It is a constitutional dictatorship, wholly authorized by law.  For example, as the recent shocking facts about NSA spying on Americans came out, the president’s criminals in charge of it rushed to say that Congress and the courts had all signed off on it, so it was legal.  And they were pretty much correct.  All three branches of government were okay with the destruction of the Bill of Rights, which made it okay.

So let’s face it – we’re under martial law without being notified yet.  The lead essay on this website – The Military Solution – still goes with regard to the military destruction of Israel but the success of it still requires that thousands of junior officers and senior non-coms put into action their oaths to kill domestic enemies, starting with the ones in the military.  The next step will be to do to Israel what the military did under Jewish direction to Japan, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will be another American disgrace if Vladimir Putin has to do this for us, as he appears ready to do.  Understandable, though, for what the Jews did to the Russians.  Russia has a lot of getting even to do, but our government stuck them with a Jewish dictatorship in 1917.  We owe it to the Russians more than anyone else to remove the Jews from this earth.  And then we owe it to the Germans, and then we owe…

We civilians must do our part to kill domestic enemies as well.  That’s the entire purpose of this website, to enunciate that all domestic enemies – the most dangerous kinds of enemies – must be killed by us Americans.  For our own protection and survival, this is our sacred duty as Americans.  Is there any disagreement with this idea?

Q:  Who and what is a domestic enemy?  A:  Anyone who enforces the dictatorship, at any level.  From the level of illicit private production of currency and debt (the Federal Reserve System) to covert spying on the people for an eventual round-up of dissidents to arresting bloggers without charge and placing them in insane asylums to shut them up.  Anyone who would promote the indefinite detention of anyone without due process, as has become our law under the NDAA of 2012.  Anyone who would provide weapons to the head-chopping Mexican drug cartels or to the head-chopping terrorists in the Middle East is a domestic enemy who requires the death penalty.

The four-star cyber-twerp, Keith Alexander, is apparently the domestic enemy most feared by all of our lesser domestic enemies headquartered in Washington.  He apparently has them all by the private parts.  He is feared like the Great Oz because most people in government have something to hide, especially the elected ones.  The elected ones all got there by vote fraud.

The Nastiest Shithouse in America, we now realize, must be destroyed.  Everyone who works there is our deadly domestic enemy.  But this also goes for the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, FEMA, DHS, IRS and on and on.  All of these agencies are dedicated to our being rounded up and put in prison camps or psychiatric prisons.  I realize the average reader will naturally slip off the sharp end of what I’m saying, that surely it can’t be this bad, this far gone.  So I must keep bringing the reader back to reality, to Brandon Raub and 20,000 Brandon Raubs disappearing without charges every year in just one state.

For those who prefer to have “the law” on their side, there is some good news.  You will recall that the Indiana Supreme Court decided some months ago that the people were not allowed under any circumstances to defend themselves from renegade police who break into their homes, even if the cops  had the wrong house, even if they were going to kill you by mistake, from mistaken identity or a bogus tip?   Well, that has been corrected.  The Indiana governor signed a bill that allows them to shoot cops who break in without a warrant.  It is now the law in Indiana and cops everywhere are outraged.

We, however, don’t need no stinking laws.  George Zimmerman had the law on his side and look what it got him.  And as we saw with Brandon Raub, the feds and their mini-feds don’t need no stinking warrants.  There was no arrest warrant for Brandon because, as the fed told him, he wasn’t under arrest!  They just drove over from the fusion center and picked him up for “brainwashing.”

This is like an open letter to Brandon Raub, and an open letter to the reader:  Now that we know what can and does happen to people such as ourselves – and Brandon Raub with his Facebook observations is exactly like us – what will the reader do when presented with the Brandon Raub scenario?  This is really what it is down to, what life in America has  become.

Every one of these essays is a recommendation.  And it’s always the same one:  firepower.  You must have a lot of firepower to prevent a Brandon Raub-style arrest and disappearance.  A lot of us have a lot of firepower.  The purpose of this website is to provide the will, the determination, to use it.  If we don’t use it it’s the same as if we don’t have it.

Twenty-thousand Virginians every year don’t have John Whitehead to bust them out of the slam or the cuckoo’s nest.  So you have to avoid being slammed.  The <em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”” normal”=””>only way to do this is to kill the slammers at the drop of a hat, the very second they reveal their treacherous intent.

George Zimmerman proved that Neighborhood Watch is a good idea.  His six judges – the jurors – agreed.  Four of those gals, it has been said, would have opened fire long before George did.  I proved it, too, in Sherman Oaks, California.  Neighborhood Watch is a great thing if we take it as seriously as George Zimmerman did.  But the Neighborhood Watch we require now is against the feds and their mini-feds, the local cops.  Our neighborhoods must become no-go zones for the federal and mini-fed slammers, not just for street criminals.

We Americans require a violent revolution to remove the criminals from our backs.  We have carried them long enough.  They cannot be petitioned to unlatch their violent and bloody parasite mouths from our veins and bank accounts.  Like the Communists they are, they only respond to force and violence.

Our revolution must be broad and entire, from the bottom to the top.  Realistically, I see that it must start from the bottom and work its way up the Communist food chain.  I have always planned it the other way, and if I can get enough help, that is the fast way to national liberation.  Ideally, the Council on Foreign Relations must be destroyed and all members executed.  All of the agencies of the federal dictatorship must be attacked and destroyed.  That must happen in the coming revolution.  But what I see actually happening first is Americans fighting the enforcers who attempt to arrest and kill us for political purposes.  The enforcers are traitors.  The penalty for treason is death.

People often say, “What can one person do?”  The answer is that one person can start his or her own revolution by defending him or herself from a tyrant.  Think always, as I do, about what happened and what was supposed to happen to Brandon Raub.  We must admit that such a drastic attack on him was totally unexpected, as such an attack on us will also be.  Or used to be.  We can now expect it and deal with it without hesitation.

Larken Rose recently asked an important question:  when should you shoot a cop?  I’ve got an important question, too:  when should we shoot Keith Alexander?

Postscript:  The day after this was written the 2nd Circuit Federal Court decided that indefinite detention (Guantanamo, FEMA camps, etc) under the NDAA of 2012 is the permanent law of the land.  There is now no legal method to gain or keep our freedom.  We are officially under the Law of the Gun.  Prepare for action.


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  1. Alexander: “From my perspective, this is absolute nonsense.”

    Well, you see, he didn’t lie. He put that caveat in there for a reason. It IS from his perspective.

    And you should understand, that every public figure is speaking in code. And the words are carefully chosen, to have the “Peasants” think the speaker is talking to them, the Public, while in reality, it’s a message for the Elite./Controllers, wherever they are stationed. It’s a code.

    An example of this is obummer’s Cop-15 Speech, years ago:


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