2 thoughts on “G. Edward Griffin: China’s GLOBAL TAKEOVER & The FALL Of The US Empire

  1. Yes, millions of us know this already, if you dont your brain dead. If your scared then dig a ditch and blow your brains out, if your not, write articles for this site and man up. Its on….. powder dry, learn how to shoot, stay tuned into this site, a lot of good information…

    And for God sakes learn how to survive without walmart.

    Pretending everything will be OK is a sign of cowardice…Walk strong, talk stronger….everyday it’s going to get worse, you can count on it…

    Think about collecting things you can barter…Dont be an idiot with your head stuck in the sand.

  2. China will become the next super power and America will cease in its role of super power.

    Big whip! Was becoming a super power what the guys at Lexington fought for? NO!

    It’s ONLY because of this global economic BS that “super power” is used.

    I guess the jews will now prop up china to the end they have “super power” status. Since they’ve just about decimated the united States. But not to worry, we plan on getting back all the stolen wealth you joo suckers have stolen.

    Screw ya all!

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