G. Edward Griffin: Meet Major George R. Jordan, State Department Whistleblower

Published on Dec 1, 2013 by VisionLiberty

Speech from the 1960s. Major George Racey Jordan was responsible for facilitating the transfer of American Arms and Technology to the USSR during WWII under the Lend Lease Program. He kept a detailed diary including Primary Source documentation.

George Racey Jordan (1898-1966) was an American military officer, businessman, lecturer, activist, and author. He first gained nationwide attention in December 1949 when he testified to the United States Congress about wartime Lend-Lease deliveries to the Soviet Union, in the process implicating Harry Hopkins and other high officials in the transfer of nuclear and other secrets to the USSR.

From Major’s Jordan’s Diaries
George Racey Jordan – 1952

9 thoughts on “G. Edward Griffin: Meet Major George R. Jordan, State Department Whistleblower

  1. Great post Hal Apeeno. I’d also like to say thank you for “The Patton Papers”. I’m couple hundred pages in and it is fascinating!

    I found this quite an interesting exchange between 2 icons of history. Patton once remarked to James Doolittle that they were getting everything they asked for in the way of men and equipment. Yes, Doolittle said, “They always give the condemned man what he wants to eat for his last meal.”

  2. Wow, you got it early. Cool!
    I found the book quite interesting as well, although I plowed through it quick.
    Studying more into herbal medicine and such.
    I plan on getting the rest of the Patton Papers at some point. I’ll let you know.
    You are welcome Millard, and Merry Christmas.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    I have covered Major Jordan in depth on several occasions.

    It seems the point is being missed here with Major Jordan.

    He was subpoenaed multiple times to appear before various congressional committees, including on December 5, 1949, & March 3, 1950 and other dates where he testified, and presented hard evidence of the complete infiltration of the Zionist-jew-communist into the gov’t.

    Nothing was done.

    MEANING: The country was ALREADY beyond salvaging using any form of legal challenge or process, as those venues were already wholly high-jacked by the EFIO (Enemy-force-In-Occupation).

    This country’s best chance of saving itself was at this time, as ALL the evidence to root out the Zionist infiltration was abundantly presented, but they had still not seized the complete control of every facet of gov’t administration yet (… that did occur by LBJ’s time).

    Now,.. as then,… there is only one way for this country to save itself,…. but that requires men with balls, and a people who demand traitors be held accountable,… and will fight for their freedoms.

    That is our current state of affairs.

    JD – US Marines – There is only one way to save this country,… and it WILL REQUIRE the copious flow of blood and guts!


    1. I know you’ve covered the situation many times JD. I appreciate and enjoyed the hell out that.
      Also, I know nothing’s gonna fix it short of 1775.
      Good to go here. ( can only get gooder. (laughing) )
      I aint planning to head for the hills.

      The post was sent in due to the fact that new readers stop by, and perhaps haven’t heard you report.
      Got to keep pounding it because more people will awaken. Maybe only a few, and that’s better than none.
      Anyway, I just came in from slapping boards against the east side of the house. 50 plus MPH winds were causing the siding to detach in sheets and slap the wall. LOL! It was a heck of a noise. Dogs going ape sh#t at 2 in the morn.(there is SOP for dogs going off) I thought I saw Hillary blow by on a bike out there.

      I’m gonna make some coffee, and listen to the house fall apart.

      Merry Christmas brother.

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