6 thoughts on “GAME OVER!!! ~ The Great Awakening ~

    1. This yoyo, x22, and the list goes on and on….q how could anyone really invest in that april fools day joke? I guess at least sheep are moving. Hopefully the mass will recon with the political system and see it for what it is..

  1. This dude is obviously not tire of winning is he. Buddy, you ARE the minority that keeps this criminal cartel propped up by way of your vote and you are the quack. His comment, “your on drugs” is an AJ statement.
    Oh boy! What a doof!

  2. I don’t yet understand why anyone calling themselves an American national would attempt to give this mental midget trumptard traitor a voice on our website.
    I guess there are going to be a whole lot less videos because I am going to have to watch every f-king one of them to see who is trying to slip this f-king trumptard shit onto the Trenches.
    As for this pr-k on this video, you are not the f-king majority, you are part of 12-18% of the mentally deficient controlled opposition. Your boy Trump is an international communist, hence you are advocating for one faction of the communists over the other. You’ve never read the Bill of Rights. You do not have the smallest clue as to the truth at the core. It is mother f-kers like you who think you will hijack the power of the 75%.
    Q is a f-king fraud, just like you are and you, mother f-ker are the one that will be facing the trial and the rope as you openly advocate for criminals, open in your face criminals. And it is not because you are stupid, it is because you are a f-king traitor and you are doing everything you can to try to foster that civil war.
    Well it is not going to work. It will be an uprising for the enforcement of the ratified law for the Bill of Rights perpetrated under the jurisdiction of we the people.
    The game is over, and you, tory mother f-ker, lost. It will be the f-king law and not the branch of the corporation you serve. And you will be convicted of treason and sedition and this video will be the evidence that puts the rope around your neck for openly supporting the criminal occupation in a time of war. You will answer to the people, and yes, we are pissed. We are pissed that corporate ass sucking willing straw man subjects like you have betrayed us all in following a piece of shit that holds five trademarks in China, which makes Donald J Trump an international communist, because only communists can hold trademarks in China.
    You are a corporate communist sympathizer, aiding and abetting in the violation of the supreme superior absolute ratified law for the American nationals for the united States of the Americas.
    This f-king treasonous horseshit should have never made it onto From the Trenches. The person who posted it is Joe STP. I’m waiting for your explanation, and just to critique it is not going to cut it. Are you are trumptard? Are you a tory traitor? I await your answer.

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