15 thoughts on “Gang of Somali Kids Attack Maine Residents at a Lewiston Park

  1. “The self-appointed arbiters of virtue want us to tolerate the erosion of everything we love: our beliefs, our traditions, our institutions, our country, our people! And when there is nothing left, at least you can say you were tolerant.”
    — Cursed Salad Blog, 5/31/18


  2. if they came after me they would have no crotch left and probly i would beat, bite whatever and be dead in the end. yes i would fight like a woman pull hair blah blah

  3. Shoot just one (you don’t have to kill him, wounding would work fine)… they’d all run for the hills, COWARDS that they are.

    This is what GUNS are for.

      1. They THINK he had every right to defend himself??? What the hell are they thinking WITH?????

        LOL… “I been shot 6 times. It ain’t no fun, it hurts.”


  4. This begs the question: why are there Somalis in Maine?
    Why in this day and age, are there unarmed white Americans…anywhere?

      1. brown them down to dumb them down
        stupid people are easier to control

        – think who controls the Globalist push

        1. I know brown people who understand the Bill of Rights and would die at my side fighting for those rights, and I see the majority of those out there giving their consent to the lies and treachury are white.
          You are painting with too broad a brush, brother.

          1. They keep playin’ their “Divide and Conquer” card and mixing up the issues of immigration and race. They think it’s their trump card when it’s really a tricky trap.

            You said it many times, Henry:

            The Bill of Rights is COLORBLIND.


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