Gary Barnett Quotes

Some quotes I came across by Gary Barnett. Not sure he’s yet arrived at the point of needed uprising. Some powerful statements here; if only they were accompanied by an advance of The Bill of Rights. I may have to write Gary.

“The government and the state are synonymous terms to be sure, and both create and perpetuate evil by claiming to hold power that does not exist. Government has no rights whatsoever, but claims power over others as if it had the right to do so. Only the individual has rights, and therefore all government is illegitimate.”

“In today’s world, the ‘laws’ set forth by governments are considered by most of the common masses as rules that must be obeyed. If they were thinking properly, they would ignore all government laws, and call them what they are – demands enforced by the ruling class by open and aggressive force. These so-called laws are not meant to make a better or safer environment, but strictly meant to control the population at large. The people have been easily fooled into believing that the state is a god that must exist so that order can be maintained. So why is there no order?”

“Government is really nothing, and is only able to continue its assault on liberty due to the people allowing it to do so. Government claims a right to rule, but it has no such right. These are just people, the absolute lowest form of people, that make up a gang of thieves and murderers that have been able to fool the public into believing that state rule is legitimate.”

“Americans have become victims of the government because they voluntarily allow government to exist. They allow government to steal, to administer violence, to war and murder, to cage citizens for victimless crimes, and they allow that same government to spy and monitor their activities. The government calls this taxation, law enforcement, national defense, and spreading democracy. These are all lies because government has no right to do any of these things. If a normal human has no right to do it, then neither does the state.”

“Once people realize that government is illegitimate, and stop believing that they are obligated in any way to bow down to this monster, the solution is clear. There are hundreds of millions of us and a handful of them. Stop obeying, stop paying the extortion called tax, stop voting, ignore the state, and starve it to death.”

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