Gas Prices Begin To Soar, Expect $4.00 A Gallon Gas or Higher Very Soon, Here’s Why

gas pricesBefore It’s News – by Josey Wales

Hold on to your wallets: we are in the middle of a gas price spike, and experts say it will only get worse.

There are several factors that might push the price in our area to more than $4 a gallon.

It’s now become a task most people dread — pulling up to the pump.

You might have noticed gas is on the rise. Gas senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said it’s up 20 cents per gallon over the last week. He predicted the climb will continue.

“The Chicago average could go another 10 to 20 cents across the next two weeks. When will we see relief? It may be a few weeks, if at all,” DeHaan said.

He said refineries are already getting ready for the summer blend, and slowing production of the winter blend, resulting in a reduction of gasoline supplies.

Wednesday’s fire at a Toledo Refinery   will also make things worse.

DeHaan showed CBS 2 data of a South Side gas station that’s showing a jump of 40 cents a gallon over the past week. At the Hyde Park station, prices have jumped from $3.59 per gallon last week to nearly $4 per gallon this week.

“Oh, that’s really going to be bad for us,” said driver Ned Hamilton.

Right now, the average price of gas in the Chicago area is $3.74 a gallon.

Chicago is now the 15th most expensive city to buy. Honolulu takes the top spot.

See how Gas prices have risen in your area below this video.

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13 thoughts on “Gas Prices Begin To Soar, Expect $4.00 A Gallon Gas or Higher Very Soon, Here’s Why

  1. Yea, gas prices have whent up over 35c. this last week and they are saying it is going up every day with no end in site here. I can only imagine how much the food and heating prices are going to be going up this year. These gas prices are no less than criminal.

  2. Spring is coming and so is the accelerated push to gut this nation and her true people. I agree with the assessment that Henry and others have that TPTB no longer care about hiding what they are trying to do. In fact they have their cheerleaders braying like asses on CNN and all of the NBC family.
    Not to be out done, the controlled opposition FOX blathers on in faux outrage.
    And the band plays on…

  3. My Fellow Patriots:

    I don’t know how much crack the author of this article smokes, but he really needs to cut down on his daily intake,.. it is reducing his brain to oatmeal.

    First off, when they switch over from “winter” to “summer” blend,.. it interrupts/slows production for about the whole hour or two.

    This never has, nor does it create a “supply problem” as the author contends.

    Secondly, we are half way thru winter, and given the frigid conditions in many parts of the country, it is unlikely they have even begun this switch over just yet.

    The author also fails to acknowledge the real reason behind the rapid price creep upwards,….. which is,….greed, greed, greed.

    This is just plain and simple price gouging, this is plain and simple theft, this is just plain and simple extraction of wealth from every American.

    Given the global glut of oil, stock, refining capacity, the global slump in economic activity, the crashing economies of Europe, and the slow down in China,… prices should be doing one thing, and one thing only,.. they should be going down,.. just as gold prices should be going up (gold should be well over $2,000/oz by now).

    Both of these “anomalies” in these commodity price structures indicate one action,… price manipulation,.. period,.. bar none.

    Get ready Americans,… they,… the traitors inside, and outside our government are gearing up for a final, “all-in” push to complete their overthrow of the Constitution, and America,.. and the globe!

    Price gouging like this, is just another method for wealth extraction, wealth destruction,.. and another method to impoverishment of the masses.

    The so called “Oil-Industry-Leaders” also need to be held and tried in the post revolution treason trials we will be conducting here.

    JD – US Marines – PATRIOT FEVER,… GET IT!

    1. Yes the cause is greed, but the problem is that the corporate entities have us by the balls. All the government needs to do, is to make it a law that after , say, three times, a commodity must be taken by the high bidder, period. Now the very last thing the traders/rip off kings want is to actually take delivery of umpteen million barrels of gasoline. This simple trick would halt the greedy speculators in their tracks, but it will never happen. So instead, we have a group of traders flipping contracts back and forth amongst themselves. thereby raising the prices ever higher.

      The shame of the thing is that the commodity market was invented to help the end users plan for their costs for a given product, by being able to purchase a futures certificate many months in advance of actually taking delivery, so as to get a handle on their budgets. It was never envisioned as a way for greedy bastards to get rich at the expense of everyone else.

    2. Actually JD….the price increases are at least partially tied to…the ongoing devaluation of “bernanke script” (fed reserve notes)…on the global financial markets.

      Its going to get much worse, btw!!!

  4. This is just an excuse to raise the price because Israel provoked Syria and the heat is on for WWIII everywhere. Happens all the time.

    Also like JD says, “This is just plain and simple price gouging, this is plain and simple theft, this is just plain and simple extraction of wealth from every American.”

    I agree.

  5. Yes it seems like the author got the oil company explanation that the MSM dishes out to the public so the bobble headed sheep can continue nodding.

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