One thought on “Gate Keeping 101

  1. Thanks for the very good article Eddie. For years now I have been watching the wheels come off the Alt-media truth bus and the many who have been thrown under those wheels in the process. I recall the Newsbud round table of Sybel, Corbett, Pepe and one other I can’t remember, when they were seeking funds to start Newsbud. Your article caused me to investigate the apparent decline of Sybel Edmunds. Sure enough, in 2018 Corbett posted this video. In this 1:39:22 min expose of Sybel, Corbett explains her decline, and his cutting all ties with her. I’m aware of the fact that Corbett always stops short of talking about the Jews.
    That is quite troubling for me, but I think he knows on which side his bread is buttered, and may fear some consequence.
    When we evolve, meaning we should become more aware and be more cognizant of the whole truth, over time. We eventually refine our sources. Still, it is fruitful to backtrack and take another look with the benefit of 20/20 hind sight. Thanks.

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