Gays in, Bibles out in the new American military

American Thinker – by Bob Campbell

President Obama’s Defense Department is waging a private war.  While our Pentagon is entrusted with the duty to “protect and serve” a secular zone is growing within the ranks of the Military.

A little over a year ago then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the Military would honor through “Gay Pride Month” the contributions of homosexual service members.  This announcement came just a few months after the Department of Defense had begun its subtle campaign against the Bible.  

1)  The Air Force Services Agency through its spokesman Michael Dickerson stated the Air Force has “no requirement to have Bibles in the lodging checklist.” [1a]  In other words, as a military member checks into housing (much like a civilian would into a hotel or dormitory) there is no availability of a Bible to be by his or her bedside.  In defense of this Air Force Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, Retired, has stated, “while there is no requirement to have them, why should there be a requirement to remove them?” [1b]  By the way, these Bibles are free to the Military, paid for by donating Christian churches and foundations.

2)  The Department of Defense announced it would be removing military edition Bibles from its base exchange stores.  These military editions published by Holman Bible Publishers are “prominently emblazoned with exact replicas of the trademarked emblems of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.”  Known as the “Soldier’s Bible, or Sailor’s Bible and so forth,” these Bibles have been published since 2003.  The Bibles “include a cover designed for the particular branch, as well as patriotic essays, prayers and hymn lyrics,” according to Holman’s website.  “Holman also produces Bibles for police, firefighters, sportsmen and students, each tailored to its particular audience.” [2a]

Chaplin Ron Crews again spoke out: “I find it interesting that in the same week that the decision was announced to no longer allow Bibles to be published using military insignia, the Pentagon announced the celebration of homosexuality — something the Scriptures clearly condemns.  Ironically, although DoD makes attempts to strengthen traditional families, it has never promoted a ‘heterosexual month’ to honor the contributions of heterosexual members who make up at least 97 percent of the military.” [2b]

3)  The Air Force has stated that “personnel are not allowed to proselytize but are free to express their personal religious beliefs so long as it does not make others uncomfortable.” [3a]  This comes as the result of an Air Force officer being told to remove a Bible from his desk.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) challenged the word “uncomfortable.”

Gohmert stated to Fox News:

If that is the standard, then Christianity will be over because there will always be somebody who is uncomfortable no matter what someone’s belief is when it comes to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  It appears it is getting more and more difficult to be a Christian and serve in the military. [4a]

Fast forward to today and Obama’s Defense Department is still at it.

Recent headlines:

Military Will Not Rescind Reprimand for Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage [5a]

Soldiers Could Face Court Martial for Discussing Faith, Says Pentagon [6a]

Wars are won and lost according to the sacrifices of our serving men and women.  Any veteran will tell you that being in combat, even serving in a support role, is dangerous work.  As far back as the founding of our Nation the Chaplain services have been an integral part of our Military.   When a soldier shows up for a Chaplain’s prayer service he often prays, “God, please protect me, my comrades and my family.”  He then leaves for duty knowing he may never return.

Where is our Military headed when God’s word, the Bible, is relegated to second place because gay pride is more celebrated or the threat of court martial better enforced?  Such poison is now oozing within the ranks of the men and women who serve our Country.

May I suggest a way to fight back?  If you have a loved one enlisting in the Armed Services or returning to active duty, please give them a Bible on their way out the door.  It may mean nothing to them at the time but could be everything under the right circumstances.  Send your Senator, Representative or Base Commander a Bible and remind them that many of our serving troops may not have access to a Bible when they travel or visit a base exchange.

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6 thoughts on “Gays in, Bibles out in the new American military

  1. Great. A rainbow platoon. That’s all we needed.

    Now you can expect men to avoid doing military service because the Army will soon be chock-full-‘o-queers, and considering that all these guys have to shower together, who the hell would join?

    Anyone who wants to serve their country should join their local militia anyway. The real war is right here at home, and the U.S. military only works for the insurgents that are trying to destroy America.

    You are NOT serving your country by joining the military. You’re only being duped into sleeping with the enemy, and a gang of homos.

  2. i dont care. they arnt making it mandatory to have gay sex. they also arnt banning ones religion. When I was in I couldnt stand that a chaplain was allowed to come into my space and force prayer. He was an officer and if he said let us pray and i had started playing music id of been ran up the chain.
    Id much rather be part of the militia than us corp knowing what I know now.

  3. So “don’t ask, don’t tell” was fine as long as it was relegated to gays, but Christians aren’t to be afforded the same courtesy?

    You’ve come a long way, baby, to quote an old cigarette ad.

    Too bad it’s in the WRONG direction.

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