0 thoughts on “Gaza Massacre: War over, reparations battle rages on

  1. The Rothschilds are clever,yet simplistic.Even real jews in Israel protest the treatment of the Palestinians.Israel means Rothschild.Check out the Balfour declaration.The U.K. and U.S. mean Rothschild.Check out the Rothschild zionist bastards inside the agencies,bureaus and cabinets of the U.K.,U.S. and Israel,including the Bush and Obama cabinets.We are being run by these zionist bastards and people need to know it.The C.I.A. and mossad are only enforcers of the Rothschilds,as well as blackwater.If you aready know this is true,great.You’re aware that someone else knows it,too.In any case spread it around and encourage folks to do a little reading.

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