GCSO: Arizona woman was attacked in her home and left for dead

Fox 10 News

 – Deputies are looking for suspects after an 83-year-old woman was attacked in her own home and left for dead.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office says the woman was doing dishes when someone tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned around, she saw a man wearing a white ski mask. She pushed him, but was struck from behind by another person.  

Authorities say the woman laid on the floor for four hours because she was scared she would be killed, according to the sheriff’s office.

When the suspects left, she crawled to another room and called for help. Deputies say the woman was supposed to attend her husband’s funeral the very next day, but because of her injuries, she didn’t make it.

Deputies say the woman was hospitalized, but her condition is unknown.


18 thoughts on “GCSO: Arizona woman was attacked in her home and left for dead

  1. I was thinking of….no!…,, use a nailgun on those bastards…Slowly…bring extra nails…..for them fk’n porcupines….

  2. We have to protect those most vulnerable around us, take time to make connections with them. We also need to be more vigilant and aware of our surroundings.
    This article lacks detail but it breaks my heart to read it, we need to do what we can to stop this type of criminal assault no matter who commits it, the cops do it just the same but they get a promotion and some paid time off as a reward.
    I will not silently let thugs rule, Mr.12-Gauge and friends are always ready.

    1. Dave;
      This one of those times, I imagine a time machine and a plane ticket. After reading Bud’s sad story below, make that two tickets….
      Since time machines don’t exist, we can and should prepare for the worst. I do.
      Like Bud mentioned below, “carry in our own homes”, actually IS part of the deal, along with plan(s) for other contingencies.

  3. Sadly, this happened to my Mom as well. Guy came through a window at the other end of the house, jumped out of a closet and struck her from behind. Once down on the floor, she was kicked repeatedly (broken pelvis, kidney damage, bleeding on the brain), then tied up and left for dead. The bedroom looked like a murder scene on TV…blood spatter on the walls, the carpet soaked through to the floor below…She spent her 82nd birthday in hospital, nearly unrecognizable. Following this attack, her mental and physical state deteriorated rapidly. She got a bad UTI that wouldn’t go away and was prescribed Cipro….a common carpet-bomb antibiotic. Now, this is one in a group of antibiotics that has a black-box warning to NEVER be given to people over 65…she developed neuropathy in her feet, muscle and tendon detachments in her shoulder, heel, etc…extreme pain in one eye and loss of muscle function around that eye…all due to this antibiotic. She lived only 4 years after that attack and died of renal failure just after her 86th birthday…never did catch that bastard…no clues, no prints, no blood.
    Beware everyone…I guess we need to carry IN OUR OWN HOMES!!!

    1. I am so sorry Sir, thank you for sharing, people need to understand what kind of animals lurk among us.


    3. Yes , we do need to carry in our homes
      after watching a few Home invasion videos online i came to this conclusion , I carry in and around the yard of my home OC so i can get to it fast, just having a gun in your home “accessible ” isnt enough, it needs to be ON YOU

      I also sleep with it right next to my bed , not in a drawer

      I also have some issues with ligaments at my shoulder , knees and feet from Cipro .. its a bad antibiotic

      so sorry to hear about yer Mom

        1. I fear this for my wife
          shes not a weapons kind of person, she saves bugs and lets them out..RME
          literally wouldn’t hurt a fly

          and Im not home all the time

          Have good doors and locks , live in a good area, but this shit comes to find you no matter where you are

          1. I let bugs out too, but not wasps, scorpians or flies, I kill them dead, quick!

            Any other pest, including a human pest, is gonna be dead quick too!


        1. Koyote; Sounds pretty good, but still, in these two cases, I’m partial to the NailGun. I wonder if they make a belt fed unit?….
          It would be hard to be as evil as these bastards, but I would try real hard.

    4. Sorry for your loss Bud. Sorry that your mother had her final years so sadly altered by such an evil…thing. I hope you do prepare and that the same doesn’t happen to you. Maybe the outcome will be different, if it does….Like mister “T” used to say..”I pity the fool”..
      Good luck, Bud.
      I wish you peace, Bob

  4. Going in my area too. My neighbor and friend, late 60’s will never be the same.
    Left him for dead after beating and kicking him. Tried to set his house on fire afterwards with him in it too.
    Had a heart attack from the clots caused by the beating a few days after, and looks like too much brain damage now I figure for him to evere identify the guy.

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