GDP Down, Unemployment Headed Up, Time to Balance the Books

The US Gross Domestic Product came in at 2.2%, affirming the fact that not only are we not experiencing a recovery in the recession, but are and have been all along falling deeper into depression.  The number of workers that have been unemployed for more than six months has nearly doubled since January of 2009 and even the mainstream propagandists are admitting that the 8.2% unemployment rate number is a complete farce.

The so called economic experts are now predicting that the unemployment rate is going to go back up, that is unless more of the long term unemployed drop out of the workforce.  The assertion that Americans are dropping out of the workforce by the hundreds of thousands every month is not but another fraud in a long line of frauds.

The long term unemployed cannot get a welfare check as these monies are being given to the illegal aliens to further subsidize cheap foreign labor for the corporate elite.  The amount of food stamps that a long term unemployed person can get is about $4 per day.  And, as there has been no increase to adjust for inflation in the past ten years, that $4 has been reduced by about 30% in buying power as a result of the devaluation of the dollar.

Supposedly 1,500 unemployed Americans are surveyed to determine who has dropped out of the workforce.  Now, considering the long term unemployed can no longer afford a telephone, how can this number be calculated through phone calls?

If the Department of Labor wanted a true count as to how many are out of work and still desperately seeking a job, it would be a simple matter of putting a page on their website that would allow all those that want to be counted as unemployed and wanting a job to register every week.  But nothing like this will be done because if it were, we would find that the true unemployment rate is about 28% and that in reality, with only $4 per day in food stamps, an unemployed person cannot stop looking for work or he or she would simply starve to death.

If we are going to say that millions are dropping out of the labor force, we must admit that those millions are becoming homeless, because how can a person possibly maintain a household, hence rent, water, sewer, electricity on $4 of food stamps per day?  And if these unemployed people own a house, they cannot get food stamps until their entire saving are exhausted, after which how can they pay their land taxes with $4 of food stamps per day, not to mention utilities?

The fact is the illegals have taken all the low skill jobs and American citizens, who have worked and paid taxes for 20, 30, or 40 years, have become the day laborers, working the lowliest jobs for whatever the elitists are willing to pay them, while at the same time they are being counted as leaving the workforce because their unemployment has run out and they cannot afford a telephone.

I guess the question is who are these 1,500 unemployed who still have telephones that are saying they have dropped out of the workforce when the Department of Labor calls them?

They say the growth in our GDP is 2.2%.  The US Debt now stands at $15.5 trillion.  The fact is we are no longer taking in enough in taxes to pay the interest on this fraudulent debt.  How can we say we are gaining anything when we are not even breaking even?  We can’t.

Since the market crash began in 2008, not one thing has changed except that the Federal Reserve printed up the money to pay off the international banking Ponzi scheme and we the people got the debt, which represents not only everything we will make for the rest of our lives, but also our children and grandchildren.

Think about it.  Our grandchildren have already been bonded and they have not been born yet.

Assuming that our Constitution ever meant anything, there is not supposed to be corruption of blood in our country; hence the sin or the debt of the mother or father cannot be passed to the child.  I guess that is unless the debt is owed to a foreign bank (the Federal Reserve) with a taxpayer furnished collection agency that is operating outside of our Constitution.

The only way we are going to straighten this mess out and save our unborn grandchildren from bonded servitude is to take back control of our resources and in doing so, our country.  We then declare the Federal Reserve the fraud it is, go into their computers to the line that has our debt on it, set the cursor, and hit backspace until our debt is gone.

This being accomplished, we start making the arrests of the banksters that should have begun occurring back in 2008 when their crime was discovered.  We then use enhanced interrogation on these banksters until they “voluntarily” inform us as to where they have stashed the wealth they have stolen from us.  Then, using the confessions these banksters voluntarily made, we levy punishment on them for treason and international economic espionage during a time of war.

I think it would then be prudent to put a little of our recovered wealth towards stimulating the hemp industry, of course to accommodate the rise in demand for that product.

At any rate, everything we have said was going to happen is now happening and this pot is about to come to a boil.  So how shall we deal with these treasonous liars?

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Excellent article! Excellent ideas! My thoughts exactly. With over 1,400 uses for industrial hemp, the hemp industry would completely transform the rotting American society into a vibrant organic culture.

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