Geoengineering: Manufacturing Hurricane Odile

Published on Sep 25, 2014 by WeatherWar101

It took considerably longer to get this video done than expected, but it’s been a trying couple of weeks. I’m sure the Anonymous cyberterrorists who fabricated the “Davoud Tohidy” false-target character assassination fraud are hoping my relative absence had something to with them, but they’ll have to remain disappointed. Surprisingly, there are occasionally things I have to do that are away from the computer… and it’s been that kind of couple of weeks.

As for Odile, there are a couple of things worth mentioning. The first of course is mentioned in the video – which is the absence of these dates from the regular NOAA archive. Like I said, it’s not the first time that has happened, and the data clearly exists. I’m ‘curious’ as to why those particular days would be removed.

Secondly, if you look at the Northern Hemisphere WV series (the black and white series with no topology) you can see that the one area that constantly seems to be just devoid of any Water Vapor is the Pacific Ocean. It’s the primary reason generated WV from any of the usual sources never makes to California. Just like Odile did, all manufactured systems eventually run into the prevailing hot dry air coming in off of the Pacific. I still find that unique absence – very interesting. I think I need to spend some time on it.

And as for the psyop effort to somehow change the subject from my 100+ irrefutable detailed geoengineering videos and my undeniable eBook documentation and explanation of 100 years of history that brought us where are – for the singular purpose of keeping Dane Wigington from answering for five years of denial, lies, and suppression of this work – I’ll simply say this.

Every single day, they provide more glaring and undeniable evidence – of the veracity of every single thing I have said and illustrated in video. Fortunately for me (and all of us), I’m also quite capable of collecting, documenting, and presenting – all of it.

Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism

However, I’m not in any particular hurry. In fact, not ‘rushing to react’ has a variety of advantages. They certainly aren’t going to stop talking and providing evidence of what tremendous frauds they are (as they continue to deny, evade, and ignore this enormous self-validating body of work)… so, I suspect I’ll be taking my time.

As my regular viewers know, I’ll be the one coming with an arsenal of verifiable facts. They’ll be the ones fabricating fairytales – in the hopes of diverting your attention, from my arsenal of verifiable facts.


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