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George Carlin – 7 dirty words

Uploaded on Jul 6, 2011 by tazredakteur


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10 Responses to George Carlin – 7 dirty words

  1. hweinhard says:

    Angel…Thats why I sent it into Henry…Then I got addicted and started listening to over an hour of other Carlin stuff 🙂

  2. NC says:

    Hahaha! Man, that is an English graduate/ESL teacher’s dream lesson. It brings me back to my one college course called “English language and grammar in context” and how we used to find reasons why certain adjectives go before other adjectives as well as intonation and what sounded better.

    If I was teaching that same English college class, I would throw in this video for fun. Although these days, I’d probably get fired for it. But it would be good for a laugh. lol

    Good post, hweinhard!

  3. hweinhard says:

    Here is another great short one by George Carlin…its awesome:

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