George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE

Published on Jul 16, 2012 by molucca Red

George Galloway V US senate, probably the most prolific clip EVER in the history of left WING politics.

5 thoughts on “George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE

  1. why do people have to raise their right hand to swear to tell the truth…seems archaic to me. kinda looks like a heil hitler too. how about Nigel Firage (sp) for president, George Galloway for vice president, and Ron Paul for treasurer and finances?

    1. i think it relates to having the left hand on the bible,
      maybe it’s so people can see you dont have your fingers crossed!!!

  2. Thank you very much for posting this. Galloway was what I would call a mans man. He didn’t only do his homework, he was sharp like a scalpel.He not only didn’t pull his punches but he shoved his fist filled with truthful FACTS down their throats. And, hey, how about that Jew Levin? Wow, a really accurate documentation of the high ranking JEW in action. Twisting words, making statements which if answered from it’s framework gives a somewhat self incriminating admission to their scam accusations. Danny Devito couldn’t have done a better job at acting. And to know that this goes on everyday. Frankly Galloway shamed these evil ones, but since they have no conscience they are not bothered in the least bit. I can tell you that if someone accused me of the crimes Galloway laid against these low lifes, I would immediately deny and defend my honorable name. But not these guys. We can see why they would go after this ‘good’ guy. That’s what they do! What true evil criminals. Thanks again.

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